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The artwork here is a plate made by my friend the painter, photographer, and potter Peter Pettus. I have taken the picture from Peter's 2006 book Continental Drift, where the plate is described as "glazed with matte white and iron, 'Temmoku' glazes, 14.5 inches diameter."

In 2017 we are empty nesters, Nellie living independently and Danny coming to the end of his four-year enlistment in the U.S. Army. I have cut back my workload to a weekly podcast and a monthly diary at VDARE.com, supplemented by occasional articles and book reviews for print outlets. Rosie is gainfully employed as a Medical Billing specialist.


Here are some photographs from these years. Clicking on a picture brings up a bigger version.

———— 2017 ————
March 4 Trump •  March 4th 2017: After all the anti-Trump negativity of the President's first weeks, his supporters nationwide thought we should make some demonstrations of support. Here I am participating in the local "March 4 Trump" demo at Hauppauge, NY. It was a bitterly cold day, but spirits were high.
Spring 2017 •  April 12th: Springtime! The peach blossoms are out in the back garden, and so is Rosie.
Pettus exhibition •  Peter and Sally Pettus put on a joint exhibition of their work in Manhattan. Here's Rosie with one of Peter's plates, similar to the one at the head of this page. The picture on the wall is one of Sally's.
JD with Toby •  Man and dog, on or about my 72nd birthday.

The secret of life is knowing how to relax.
Garden of Earthly Delights •  Yet another 9,000-piecer, this one of Hieronymous Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights. A worthy challenge: many thanks to the friend who gifted me this puzzle.

(For higher resolution, click on the little picture at left. For really high resolution, click here. And as always, there is one last piece I just can't place. It'll have to wait until Danny comes home.)
AmRen2017 • At the end of July I addressed the American Renaissance annual conference in Tennessee. Here I am in full rhetorical flight.
Great Smokies • We (Dad, Mom, and Toby) spent a week driving down to the conference in a rented RV. We drove through the Great Smoky Mountains; which, on a rainy humid day in midsummer, lived up to their name.
Jersey Shore • In accordance with the Chinese idiom 上山下海 ("[going] up the mountain and down to the sea" = putting a lot of effort into something), we spent the last day of our trip in Seaside Heights, on the Jersey Shore, where we had fun in the surf.
Beach time • There was a brief heatwave in late September 2017. We took the last chance for some beach time at Sunken Meadow Park.