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Jim Cooke


Jim Cooke   was born in Vermont. He performs his own scripts:  Calvin Coolidge — More Than Two WordsDaniel Webster — I Still Live!  and  Edward Everett — the Other Speaker at Gettysburg. These three dead white men have been heard on National Public Radio and seen on C-SPAN and have taken Jim around the country. Often consulted by editors, scholars and historians, Jim insists he is not himself a scholar. He believes that artists have a higher standard for truth than scholars. I met Jim while undertaking research for my novel Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream. His claim to be "the world's leading Calvin Coolidge impersonator" is, so far as we know, unchallenged.


Patricia Busacker


Patricia Busacker   left us in the early hours of December 1st, 2004, after a long struggle with cancer. She was a poet, children's author and medical writer with a background in television and journalism. Born in Missouri, she grew up in Nebraska, then lived for a time in Colorado before moving to New England. She was active in One on One, the mass mentoring partnership, working as a mentor with young writers. Patricia travelled widely and wrote on many subjects. 36 Great American Poems was her first recording, though she was no stranger to sound studios and produced an audio tape of selections from The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge read by her husband, Jim Cooke.