»  From the Dissident Right

     Essays on the National Question 2001-2013



From the Dissident Right is, as its subtitle says, a collection of essays on the National Question written, mostly for VDARE.com, from 2001 to 2013.

I explained the book's origins here.


Chapter headings (following a brief author's introduction) are as follows.

  1. The Talk: Nonblack Version
  2. Talking Back
  3. Larry Auster's additions to "The Talk"
  4. Who are we? — the "Dissident Right"?
  5. John Derbyshire — the gift that keeps on giving!
  6. Nice guys get illegal immigrants
  7. Enoch Powell's revenge
  8. The war against white trash
  9. Diversity Boot Camp
  10. Flashman, Ron Paul, James Kirchick — and liberty
  11. The future of elite attitudes on race
  12. Amity Shlaes and the ballistic trajectory of political correctness
  13. What's so scary about Darwin?
  14. The Economist Magazine's Gloating Over Electing A New London
  15. What, exactly, is wrong with "racism"?
  16. The Roots of (White) Ethnomasochism
  17. J.D. vs. Robert Weissberg On Race, Ethnicity, And The Future Of America
  18. Was the conservative movement destined to go bad?
  19. A vade mecum for diversity conversations
  20. Address to the first VDARE.com webinar
  21. Today's forgotten men — the American white working class