»  Huntington Bulldogs 2007

12-year-old Red Team




Here is our schedule for the first seven games.

[Note added Sunday afternoon, Sept. 16: Well, we lost our first game. We played pretty well, though, and we recall we lost our first game last year, too, yet still came through the season pretty well.]

[Note added Sunday afternoon, Sept. 23: Lost our second game, too. Two games into the season and we haven't drawn blood yet. No place to go but up!]

[Note added Sunday afternoon, Sept. 30: Well, at least we scored! In fact we played well, though plainly Northport played slightly better. Onward and upward!]

[Note added Sunday afternoon, Oct. 7: Tied against Smithtown last night. We had really bad luck: the conversion kick bounced off the upright of the goal. A couple of inches to the right & we'd have won 7-6. OK, our first non-loss, anyway. On to victory against Islip!]

[Note added Sunday afternoon, Oct. 14: Hoo, boy. I guess we won't be making the championships this year.]

[Note added Sunday afternoon, Oct. 21: Yesssss! We'll take it!]

[Note added Sunday afternoon, Oct. 28: [Sigh] All right, this isn't going to be our greatest season.]

[Note added Sunday afternoon, Nov. 4: A very good game against Wyandanch, both teams playing hard and well. We were glad to get the victory against such strong opponents.]

[Note added Sunday afternoon, Nov. 11:Well, a frustrating end to a disappointing season. At one point here we were on our opponent's one-yard line, on offense! Fumble ... offside ... another offside ... Grrrr. Still, we learned a lot, and congratulations to Islip for pulling off the win. Many thanks to coaches and parents.]

Date Opponent     Home/Away         Win/Loss         Score    
Sept. 16, 9:00am Commack Away Loss 12-0
Sept. 23, 10:20am West Islip Home Loss 19-0
Sept. 30, 9:00am Northport Away Loss 21-14
Oct. 6, 8pm Smithtown Home Tie 6-6
Oct. 14, 1:00pm Islip Home Loss 16-6
Oct. 21, 10:20am Wyandanch Home Win 2-0
Oct. 28, 11:20am Commack Home Loss 20-6
Nov. 4, 10:20am Wyandanch Home Win 14-0
Nov. 11, 9:00am Islip Away Loss 8-6