»  Family Album — Basil

After Toby's passing in August 2018 it took us a while to get over losing him. It took just one year, in fact. By Summer 2019 we were ready to take in a new puppy.

I narrated subsequent events — the acquiring and naming of our new family member — in my November 2019 Diary.


11/23/19 Our first picture of Basil, on the back seat of the family car being driven home.
11/24/19 Basil's second day in his new home. Rosie calls this the Simba Picture.
11/27/19 Basil with Dad, three days later. He was such a tiny thing, I could hold him in one hand.
12/5/19 Two weeks with us now, and quite at home.
12/25/19 The Christmas picture. My photo software has red-eye correction, but nothing for blue-eye.