»  Family Album — Basil

After Toby's passing in August 2018 it took us a while to get over losing him. It took just one year, in fact. By Summer 2019 we were ready to take in a new puppy.

I narrated subsequent events — the acquiring and naming of our new family member — in my November 2019 Diary.


11/23/19 Our first picture of Basil, on the back seat of the family car being driven home.
11/24/19 Basil's second day in his new home. Rosie calls this the Simba Picture.
11/27/19 Basil with Dad, three days later. He was such a tiny thing, I could hold him in one hand.
12/5/19 Two weeks with us now, and quite at home.
12/25/19 The Christmas picture. My photo software has red-eye correction, but nothing for blue-eye.
4/11/20 Now six months old, Basil has asserted staircase privileges. From here he can keep an eye on both the living-room and (through the living-room window) the street outside.
4/10/20 He has also made friends with the little girl next door. "Friends" is putting it mildly; they play together for hours.
4/15/20 Basil does not treat his toys gently. Should you lead a wicked life, then die and be committed to Hell, you may end up as one of Basil's toys. His particular delight is to disembowel a squeaky toy to get at the squeaker, which he then pulls out.
4/19/20 Relaxing with Mom.
5/2/20 Basil among the leaves, 7½ month old.
5/20/20 For his eight-month birthday, Basil's Mom assembled a little movie album of pictures.
9/4/20 Early September 2020: Coming up to his first birthday, ready to assume adult responsibilities.
9/23/20 Basil's first birthday party. Note the candle. Also the spiffy new doggie door — his birthday present from Dad. This replaces the door I installed for Boris in (I think) 1996. Twenty-four years, three pooches: We got our money's worth out of that door.
2/7/21 Early February 2021: Basil l-o-v-e-s the snow. Notice his tongue hanging out — that's Basil's way of indicating extreme happiness.
1/4/22 First days of 2022. This little pooch loves to be cuddled and stroked.
1/29/22 The great snowfall of January 29th, 2022. Basil is taking it in his stride.
2/6/22 Basil in a state of total relaxation: sprawled on his back in Dad's lap, Dad stroking his belly, tongue hanging out loose. This dog could teach courses in relaxation.
4/20/22 A Wordsworth moment: Basil and the buttercups on a mid-April morning in 2022.
10/1/22 Domestic harmony. After some unpleasant incidents with growling (Basil) and hissing (Mimi), by October they have settled down into a wary harmony. Each has claimed one piece of living-room furniture: Basil the sofa, Mimi the armchair.