»  Family Album — Huntington, 2022-2026



That was the first jigsaw puzzle of 2022, gifted to me by a friend.

In 2022 we are almost-empty nesters. Nellie is still living independently a few miles away. Danny left the Army in 2017, signed up for a business degree at Adelphi University, and graduated at the end of 2021. He was living at home with us for most of that time, but in mid-2021 moved to an apartment of his own a third of a mile away.

My workload hasn't changed. I still do my weekly podcast and monthly diary for VDARE.com, supplemented by occasional articles and book reviews for print outlets. Rosie still works as a Medical Billing specialist.


Here are some photographs from these years. Clicking on a picture brings up a bigger version.

———— 2022 ————
Puzzle solution •  January 1st 2022:  As prescribed by immemorial tradition, Danny placed that one pesky last piece for me.
MJD •  January 25th 2022: New year, new life. This is Michael Joseph Depinto, 4 days old, with his grandpa …
MJD •  … grandma …
MJD •  … and Uncle Danny.

Yep: looks like Sir Winston Churchill.
MJD •  In solitary splendor.
Snowbound •  The great snowfall of January 29th, 2022. We got eighteen inches. I had to do a lot of shovelling; but Basil came out to help.
Mother & Child •  Mother and child, Michael now 17 days old.
Myrtle Beach •  Late April 2022: Rosie & a posse of girlfriends escaped for a weekend at Myrtle Beach, SC.   Cue Cindy Lauper.
Danny's graduation •  May 23rd 2022: The nuclear family at Danny's graduation ceremony.