»  Marriage Certificate


These are our marriage lines, prepared and issued at the Civil Affairs Office in Jilin City, northeast China.

My name gave them a little trouble. I offered the usual Chinese form, 戴约翰 (Dai Yuehan, surname first as a single approximating syllable, "Yuehan" the standard transliteration of "John," e.g. used in Chinese translations of the Bible). For some reason this wasn't satisfactory. I ended up as 约翰⋅德貝謝尔 (Yuehan Debeixie-er).

The images below show the front of the certificate, the inside, and the back. The printed text at the bottom of the left inside pane translates as:  "Voluntary marriage, after investigation according to the regulations concerning marriage in the matrimonial laws of the Chinese People's Republic, this certificate issued."