»  Family Album — Mimi

Mimi came to join us on June 10th, 2022. She was not quite fifteen months old: born March 15th 2021.

As the pictures clearly show, she is a princess, fully conscious of her rank and beauty.


6/10/22 First day at home: nervous.
6/13/22 Day 4: starting to relax.
6/13/22 Day 8: peek-a-boo!
10/1/22 Domestic harmony. After some unpleasant incidents with growling (Basil) and hissing (Mimi), by October they have settled down into a wary harmony. Each has claimed one piece of living-room furniture: Basil the sofa, Mimi the armchair.
11/14/22 Helping Mom with her work (on Mom's desk).
11/18/22 Sleeping Beauty, mid-November 2022.