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As a record of my youthful travels, I have kept my British passports. I was issued five altogether, although the fifth was technically a European Union passport.

All five are listed below, with a summary of my travels recorded in each passport. For full details, click on the picture at left.

1962 •  Issued 1962, extended 1968.   Recorded here are a trip to Austria in 1963, one to the Black Sea in 1964, and a 1965 holiday in Spain. These were all in college vacations.
1969 •  Issued 1969.   The heading here is "Far East." The stamps in this passport cover my travels in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Laos. My first U.S. visa is also here.
1979 •  Issued 1979.   Teaching in China, moving to the U.S.A., getting married.
1989 •  Issued 1989.   The U.S.A. England, back to the U.S.A.
1999 •  Issued 1999.   The only journey recorded here was our family trip to China in 2001. In April 2002 I became a U.S. citizen and thereafter travelled on a U.S. passport.