»  Letter: Friday, August 30, 1957

    Jack Knowles to Muriel Littlehales

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friday, Aug 30[1]

Dear Muriel & Fred

Just a Line to Let you know I Ham OK. Just having Brisket Ham & Egg. But it up set Me When you Told Me Man[2] Was Not Coming Back for A Month. It is Nice to Have All the Bed to your Self, No Grones Panes in your Ears. That All for Now. Dont you think I Ham geting Better.

All for Now. Lots of Love from Dad

Muriel & Fred XXXX

Having Pelenery of Bits[3]

I Go Round Nights & Have Couple of Hours with Harrer & Win[4]

But Nothing to Drink[5]

No Winers[6] Coming My Way




  1. There is no year given on the letter, but August 30 fell on a Friday only in 1946 and 1957. The latter date is almost certainly the right one. Grandad Knowles would have been 84 at this point.
  2. He would have said "Mam," meaning his wife. She seems to have been hospitalized, though I don't know why.
  3. "Plenty of bits"? Some reference to food, I'd guess.
  4. That is, my uncle Harold and his wife, who must have been living in Hednesford at the time.
  5. Grandad loved his ale. I don't know what the reference is here — perhaps the doctor had warned him off it. If so, I doubt the abstention lasted long.
  6. "Winners" — on the horses, he means.