»  Letter: Monday, October 22, 1973

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs. J.R. Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue
Northampton NN4 9PX

Mr. John Derbyshire, Bsc.
c/o Room 93 Pioneer Hotel
341-351 Broome Street
New York.
N.Y 10013 U.S.A.

Monday. 22. 10. 73

My Dear Son,

received your latest letter which always makes me happy. I have been away this weekend at Wanstead & passed Coleridge Avenue. I stayed with Mrs. Isherwood & her friend who has a lovely flat there. I had a wretched cold but was very well taken care of as Gwen & Jean are both trained nurses in fact Gwen is a Senior Tutor & examines for the General Nursing Council. On Saturday she took us to Herne Bay & we sat in her car with a picnic lunch on the cliff top. It was very pleasant.

Well, my love, what does being a kitchen man entail?[1] Still as long as you are safe & well & can earn something I'll not worry quite so much. I do worry in case you get sick I believe Dr. bills are exhorbitant & on the nail. Anyway love in dire emergency I can help. Allan & Judy read your letter & Allan thought the travelling home would kill him so I hope you get nearer.

Food & warmth is the greatest problem for the winter John. Both are terribly expensive & there seems to be strikes in the offing but we are better off than many. Don't worry, we shall get by. Judy brought a joint of beef up last Sunday & it made a very good hash too the next day. She always brings something. I don't want to go out to work again, I should lose out pensionwise & tax anyway but I do a bit of dressmaking for friends when I feel like it, it buys my tights etc. My ulcer seems to be quiet just now. I have what is called a "hiatus hernia" but see the "quack" often & its nothing dangerous, just bloody uncomfortable!!

Now my love, below is your cousin's address if you get that far. Take care, do let us know as soon as possible how & where you are. Thinking of you, loving you as always.

Mother & Dad

Mr. Stanley W. Knowles
No. 2648 Baseline Road
Ontario K2H.7.B.4.

Good luck.



  1. I think at this point I must have settled in as a permanent employee of Robbins & Robbins & been promoted from dishwasher to kitchen help.