»  Letter: Wednesday, December 12, 1973

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs. J.R. Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

Mr. John Derbyshire Bsc
2 Harbor Lane
New Rochelle
NY 10805

Wednesday Dec 12th

My dear Son,

just received your eagerly awaited letter as always. Than you John for the £20 I feel almost guilty taking it from you, & only if you are quite financially sound are you to worry. I shall give Dad half. It is very good of you & most appreciated son. The next three months are the worst but Spring will be round the corner & this makes it bearable. The gas & electricity bills come Jan & Feb. Please John don't skin yourself, a little will help, but we don't expect large sums of money. I have an electric blanket & a heater for Dad, so we shall be alright. My tummy is fine & if I keep as fit as I am now, nothing to worry about. I keep at 9½ stone & everyone says I look fine so don't worry.

You are always in my thoughts love, you are all the world to both of us. You seem to be leading a very busy life, I'm glad you have a good "boss" & are getting "things" sorted out & you seem to be eating well. I'll hang on to your sweater love, Judy may have some-one coming over, it would cost more to send than its worth, but I'll find some way to get it to you, I might fly over with it myself!! Hows your asthma love, does it bother you at all now? Wrap up warm when you go out. Take care of yourself.

Saw Mrs Gotch today, Gary coming home in January & has applied for a job in "New York," she's going to tell him you are there. Barbara is pregnant but very happy about it. I sent Enid a Xmas card. Judy says she's writing to you, she flogs herself to death for "her boys." I'm having Tess next weekend while she (Judy) gets her Xmas shopping done. She's (Tess) a delight to us. We've bought her a typewriter & a doll & I've made masses of dolls clothes etc, knitted Allan a sweater, Judy sherry glasses & bread bin!! Dad a shirt. Shall miss you, love you, bless you. Good health & everything you wish yourself love. We are indeed lucky. Thank you for everything son.

Your devoted Mother & Dad

Hope you have a good Xmas. Write soon.