»  Letter: Friday, December 21, 1973

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J.R. Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

John Derbyshire
2 Harbor Lane
New Rochelle
New York 10805

62 Friars Ave: 21/12/73

Dear Son.

It was nice to hear from you & a pleasant one to get your cheque & I assure was very welcome because this is the one time of the year that one can spend money, without counting every penny & not feel guilty. We are both very pleased to hear of your continued progress & I am sure you will feel much better in health by using your physical strength. I dont think there is a better feeling than being tired & hungry & having good food & a bed to satisfy both. Your offer of help is a very nice gesture & makes me feel I have failed somewere but I assure we both appreciate it as to keep warm in this climate is the worst thing we have to worry about & to be able to have it is luxury. I cant express my thanks in words but look after yourself first as I know, only too well, A good Bank Balance is the best friend you can have so do look after yourself, as we manage to make a go of it only for heating in winter & every 6 months the price goes up & on top of that it looks as if we are going to have a series of strikes & I am sure, in my life I have seen hard times, had to sleep outside many times when it wasn't possible to earn money. I have seen mankind advance from very primative environment to an affluent society in my life time, from oil lamps & coal fires to what we have now. & yet for all this there are still poor, starvation, slums, so what is the answer. I have come to the conclusion that it will always be the same. I look at the animals who have been on earth longer than us & the same rules applies & I have come to the conclusion that whatever advance man makes there is a deterioration in other ways that counteracts any advancement. Take food, its vastly inferior to when I was young with additives which are injurious to health. I dread to think what it will be like by the time you are my age. enough of my meanderings. you seem to have a nice boss, as you say its partly self interest, & so is yours, as having a good boss, a job were you wont be in the cold plenty to eat, good digs is worth a lot whilst the winter is with us. look after it. but I have no doubt, if you can get your works permit, you will be looking for something better which is only natural. So it suits both of you, so don't do anything to jeopardise it. I know you wont intentionly but it does happen accidentaly sometimes.

Yes I suppose our position is our own fault & as you say our arrogance over the years has made us wide open to the back lash which we will now, as to tell Briton where to get off is the ambition of every country in the world, & which would have been unthinkable years ago but we shall never learn as all our Statesmen still think we are a great power & look up to put on a pedestal such people a Churchill etc as if they are any different than we are.

Dont worry about Mum's operation I will say we have got a doctor who looks after both of us. he told me he wanted to see me every month for a check up, so you need have any worry there. We are looking forward to a nice Xmas with Allan Judith Tessa so perhaps, who knows we may all be together again just a thought. I hope you are not under the impression that you owe us anything all we want is to do what you want to do & keep healthy & be good to animals, children, & enjoy yourself we shall be quite happy. By the way we have just had a letter from Vicky who says she used to work with a man who knew you a Colin GRIBBIN but she has now lost touch since he went to Canada. She wishes to be remembered to you & wants us to visit them at Croydon. Uncle Jack (her father) had a stroke & she says he seem to have given up sad as he is no age[1]. Still if life isnt worth fighting for it isnt worth living.

Judith just rang to say would we have Tessa so she can do her shopping so she will be with us till Xmas. She loves getting down here as we can give more time to her than Judith can & she livens us up we are always glad to have her. Well there isn't much more to tell you as Mum tells you all the news what I can tell you is only (Stop Press) they have had heavy falls of snow in Scotland & the North so far we have been lucky but we keep having those cold North winds gale force & it gets through all the cracks which makes it cold inside the house without it is Hermeticaly sealed then we would all suffocate. any way the experts say we shall have a nice summer. Noel is calling in to see me on Sat. he is coming to pick his Ma in law as she is on her own. So Cheerio for now look after yourself. we are always in our thoughts & will be talking about you at Xmas so if your ears are burning roung about lunch time Xmas day you will know what it is all about so take care & have a good Christmas




  1. Uncle Jack was then three weeks short of 72. He lived another sixteen years.