»  Letter: Thursday, January 3, 1974

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs. J.R. Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

Mr. John Derbyshire Bsc.
c/o 2 Harbor Lane
New Rochelle
N.Y. 10805.

Jan 3rd '74

My dear Son,

Happy, Healthy New Year. Sorry to be so long but waited to see if there was a letter from you. Well, dear, Xmas has come & gone once more, I had a weep for our absent one but kept busy with Tessa who came Friday & stayed till Xmas Eve. We had a nice Xmas Eve tea together & then Xmas dinner together. Judy & Allan provided the turkey & trimmings, far too much for us & they insisted we kept everything. It was a joy to see Tessa undo her "parcels" & she spent hours with a box full of dolls clothes I had made & a doll.

Hope you had a happy time love. I miss you. It is very gloomy here, no light anywhere, thank goodness we don't relie on electricity for cooking & heating. Pig-minded governments & pig-minded unions, each blaming the other & neither doing anything. We wish we were young enough to emigrate to New Zealand!! I felt sad to think you had nothing from home at Xmas, but on making enquiries John, it costs more to send a parcel than its worth & if contents value more than £3 you have to pay tax. I'll just put your things away either till you come or we can get some-one to bring them. If Gary comes to N.Y. I'll ask him to bring them. We are fit love, longing for Spring. Mrs. Lamb wants me to go to Cornwall on holiday in the Summer so thats something to look forward to. Darling, don't worry about bills, grateful for a little help, but look after yourself. Electricity usualy end of January & Gas—Mid Feb. This quarter the worst, approx £35-40 the two, have tried to keep both down, so may not be that much. Take care, As always

Your loving

Mother & Dad