»  Letter: February 20, 1974

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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JR Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

NEW YORK 10805

62 FRIARS AV 20 - 2 - 74

Dear Son

It was nice to hear from you again & know you are in good health, but I sense itching feet, well you only live once, so make the most of it. if you are happy we are happy as well, because if you are not content you are not living, but one can bear a boreing job for a short time if the end is happiness, & on your job now at least you are close to good food & a warm bed. That is worth something in this weather. I wouldn't worry too much about TAX I hardly think they will look to close into it as no doubt they would if you were not paying & if you have not been in trouble I don't think they will worry much anyway we will keep our fingers crossed. I think you may get into trouble with getting a driving licence so why not hang on till you are ready to move. Mum will have told you we got a card from Hong Kong. Re: your application you might just be lucky.

Well the weather has gone mild here I have never known a winter like it wind in the West & warm, but gales I have never known anything like, realy gales country wide & destructive, its blown my airel down twice so you can see they are some gales I can't remember the wind being in the east all winter but it is nice to have nice cool, mild ones instead of those cold icy east wind. Well I have no doubt Ma: has told you all the news apart from the Election & that the country is bust & gone to the dogs. No law & order, the country is one big Ulster. If you have no money in the bank just walk in & persuade the teller, with a gun, that you want X number of pounds he will give it to you. I never in all my wildest dreams thought I would live to see our country in such a state. In Heath we have a P.M. who is without any doubt mental & should be certified & put out of harms way he has advisers who he ignores & firmly believes only he knows what is best for us.

To day is like late Spring, warm, sunny, & all the spring flowers are in bloom. We had Tessa with us Mon & Tuesday, she is growing up fast, its a shame when they start school & mix with other children they seem to pick up all the bad habits pity it can't be avoided, but if it didn't happen now it has to later on. Mike & Family have just gone back He looks ghastly. its his wife she wants to be the career woman & thinks of nothing else. She wanted children now any one can look after them so long as she doesn't have to. I blame Mike he should give her a belt round the earole. let it be a lesson to you. its the bigest gamble in the world getting married. I would say its impossible for 2 people to live in the same place & not fall out & its when you are young & have all the worry of bringing up children that you can't make it up. When you are older it doesn't matter. So be warned if you do ever marry. see she has plenty of money so you can up & leave when the going gets tough without worrying.

I shall be glad when the election is over we get it on T/V every day till one is fed up hearing them & hope they will all lose for the betterment of the country. all M.Ps. get to much money & should be made to clock on every day, they are like parsons they needn't work if they don't want to & when they do any thing its not for the good of the people or country. its disgusting the way the world is run by these people its the only trade were one can get top money without qualifications of any sort. I am too old now to worry I only hope the place I go to when I leave here will be run different. I am going to write to Noel when I have finished this I haven't seen him since we came back from Shropshire at Uncle Edie's funeral. He (Noel) is fed up I keep telling him to put his feet up & take it easy any man who works all his life is a fool & he is OK for money his wife is working full time & the boys both working & he has cushy job so I dont know what he worries about. What the good earning if you have to pay it out in tax anyway he will please his-self. His eldest son Robert is now a P.C & engaged to a woman P.C. so I may become a Great Grandad yet it just shows you what you can achieve if you live long enough. also by living long enough you learn the waqy to live when its to late because if you have the money to live it up it will kill you & if you haven't the money you only exist. So when they tell you old age has its compensation dont believe them. You can look back & all the mistakes you have made look a lot worse as the years go by & all the opportunities you have missed look easy & as some great person once said 'one never lives long enough to do all one wants to do' but I always say if you haven't hurt anyone in passing its not too bad.

Well that is about all for now otherwise I shall go on writing drivel so look after yourself & write as often as you can as Mum: starts worrying if she doesn't hear from you often

So Cheerio & never take women serious then you wont go far wrong

love from Mum & Dad    X  X  X,

X  X  X  X.