»  Letter: Friday, April 5, 1974

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue
Northampton NNP.P4X

Mr John Derbyshire Bsc.
2, Harbor Lane
New Rochelle
N.Y. 10805


My darling Son,

What a lovely surprise, thank you for your wonderful letter & dollars which I've put in the bank today, it will help for my holiday, but I don't expect it love, you get on your feet & enjoy your life. We had a chuckle at your comments but as long as you are well & happy that's all I want to know. Don't worry love, health wise we are fine, we walked to town this morning. it had rained & everywhere looked bright & beautiful except very noisy on the London Road. I do keep busy, visit friends, garden, sew, knit, have Tess & have paint to start decorating. I'm never bored love, I go to bed early, wake early, make my tea — what a boon my tea maker[1] is — & I read or crochet, listen to my radio & get up when I feel like it. Wednesday I had a day out with Jean Isherwood, we had lunch in town, it was very enjoyable. Dad likes having me home. We are happy & content, so put your mind at rest my love! I have your phone No somewhere & would soon get in touch if ever necessary. It is the prerogative of the aging, son, to look back & I think of the happy times. The bad times don't matter when we come through. Every Saturday I think of hot dogs, sponge cake & Tony Hancock, remember? When I come home I see your darling face at your window & how you rushed downstairs & had the door open ready. I remember your strength when I've been troubled & unhappy. I think how lucky I am to have the love of my family, even though thousands of miles divide us. I love you all dearly! I can't say it to Judy but I think she's beautiful & though it will break my heart when they go, as long as she's happy it eases the loss. I'm sure Allan loves them & will take care of them. Keep in touch with her so that when we've gone you won't be alone. I miss my mother & Dad even now. Enid wrote, she's in Beirut with some bloke, but has a good job & getting around. Just had another lovely surprise, Judy, Allan & Tess with Allan's parents, who are on their way to South West Ireland, where they have a cottage by the sea. They are very nice folks. Take care my love, look after yourself, write soon. As always loving you

Your devoted

     Mother & Dad

Love from Judy, she is sending you a picture of Tess.  X  X  X  X  X  X



  1. A gadget I had bought for her, a combined alarm clock & electric kettle that wakes you up with a hot cup of tea ready.