»  Letter: Wednesday, May 1, 1974

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

NEW YORK 10805


Dear Son

It was nice to hear from you again & to hear you had landed a worthwhile job & we are keeping our fingers crossed for your luck to hold. Its a pity you can't get a permit I should get a good Bank Balance so that when you are ready to leave have another go. the only drawback to being deported, is that its for life & you may want to go again sometime still I should carry on for now & keep your nose clean. I am glad the car is OK but if it using a lot of oil , the engine is worn out & if its 10 yrs old the chassis must be in a bad way even if its been well looked after & will show up when you do a long journey. still if it goes carry on but be prepared for anything I am only speaking from experience yours may be an exception. Yes I know how your money can run out quickly when there's nothing going in the acc: but it will give you a good idea of what to expect when you pack up. By the way that girl at your digs in London never forwarded your things on I wonder what became of them. How far do you have travel from your digs to your job. I was wondering because if your car lets you down, as even the best do at times, would you be able to travel the distance by Public transport. It will a pleasant change from washing dishes & kinder on your hands. I dont see why you should worry about not telling your present employer as it doesn't seem they can find out so I hope your luck will hold. It was a bit of bad luck you didn't land that Hong Kong job if you had given your New York as your address instead of ours you would have landed it, did you ever hear any more about it. Just take care with the cops & your speed because you never know what they can find out & apart from that its expensive. & you will find out if you travel through the various States that they all have different traffic laws, not like we do, also speed cops in a lot of the States get a %age of fines as part of their salary in some states in the South its 100% of their pay so you can see why they are keen. but New York used to be one of the best States. that is why over there they obey the traffic laws as you have found £10 for a first offence is high by our standards. It sounds very pleasant the way you describe your journey to work its evident you are on the pleasant side of the State. I have heard of the name VALHALL I think they used a kind of camp for poor kids of N.Y. also summer homes for the wealthy N/Y people, is this the same place? I dont blame you if you have a good apartment hang on to it as long as you can It sound a lot of commission, 1500$ for an introduction[1] I thought they were plenty of out of work executives from the Space cut down. Mother told you we had a card from Enid she seems to be enjoying herself it sounds as if her man is a Danish Rep for that part of the world but she said she must get home some time in July to settle about the house. I don't think she will ever settle down in England again good luck to her.

I don't think England will ever be the same again if it wasn't for the finding of natural Gas & Oil round our shores the outlook would be very grim. even with that I don't think we shall win with the methods we are using now. there will have to be a great change in the way we are governed, we shall end up with a dictator in the end as both parties are so close to one another that all that is left for the one in power to do is change what the other party has done & slang one another We want a De Gaul. France was in a similar position to us when he took over on condition he had full power & look at them now. I doubt if we could find a man like him, we are living in the past tradition etc is our down fall We act & talk to the world as we did when we owned it & think everyone listens how dumb can you get I have given up hope.

What do you think about Judith leaving  He thinks he can always find a job I wouldnt mind if he had any qualifations but he has nothing & packing a £3,400 job & Judith about £1250 packing it up to go to HAWAII an island of only 6,439 sq. miles & a pop. of about 75,0,000 & its mostly holiday Island what they are thinking of doing I don't know I am to disgusted I wouldn't mind if he had a job to go to. I know I am old fasioned & out of touch & its different now than when I was young but its still OK to get around if you are single. but much different when you have a wife & family it will leave a gap in our lives when Tessa goes I know we spoil her. Dont get wed without she has plenty of cash. With these few wise words

All the best

Love from Mum & Dad   X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X

look after yourself & keep in touch often as you know what mums are like.   Dad



  1. I think I must have mentioned the fee charged by the employment agency that got me the Valhalla job. This was a fee charged to the hiring company, not to me. Perhaps I hadn't made that clear to Dad.