»  Letter: Tuesday, June 4, 1974

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

NEW YORK 10805


    4 - 6 - 74

Dear John

Many thanks for your letters & Photos & pleased to hear you are getting on OK & enjoying yourself if you dont now you never will, keep single & love them all, but remember the girls are crafty & it just when you are feeling smug & think you know all about them that they are at their most dangerous. but you have a few battle scars so you should be getting immune. Of course you are allowed to relax & recap if she is one of the few with a healthy bank balance. Well we have finished the decorating & it looks nice & clean then I cut the hedges & grass it will take me a year to get over it, still its worth it. I have got the Gram: on as I write playing Brass Band music just the kind I like it helps to keep me sane at my age one tends to let one's mind wander & having no future all the musing is in the past when the world was a lovely place to be in & comparing memories with the present makes me wonder how we have got into the mess we are in & one cant see any way out as we have no statesmen now. How is it that Politicians cant see the obvious & always do & want the things that are wrong & against the will of the people & giving money away which we havent got   450 000,000 yearly to Ireland 350 000 000 to the blacks similar amounts to Germany for our Army there, & they have just published a £1,000,000,000 surplus for the year. the money we gave India they built an Atom Bomb with. We must be stark mad. Every M.P. is scared of his shadow. At the moment I can see no end to the way things are going on. What an awakening there is to come. I know the end because I have seen it all before but a war saved us then & if we wait for a war to save us now it will be a civil war, so stay out of this country as there is no future here. Sorry to be so bitter but it makes me mad to think of what we had to suffer & work for being thrown away by such nincompoops. The weather is sunny but cold winds Mum is sitting out in the garden We had Tessa for the week end. She is lovely & likes to get down here I often look at her & wonder what the future holds for her. I hope you manage to get regularized & get the extra money. Dont let my morbid rambling get you in the dumps its just a mood one gets in when one gets old & to much time to think & look back & the funny thing is sometimes all the memories one can recall are the ones one wants to forget & they always look very much worse then when the event occurred & you see all your future is behind you so dont let me put you off the world. Mum tolerates me when I am like this I often wonder why she puts up with me. You Judith Tessa are her life now so look after her when I am not here as you will never be able to repay her, so take care of yourself as she thinks the world of you & so do I & am quite satisfied & happy to see you all getting along & not losing touch. I am going to have a job with Mum when Judith goes to Hawaii it will break her heart. Get some money before you move you will find a good bank balance is your best friend & traveling alone is traveling fast When you can put your hat on & the roof is on is a nice feeling & dont worry about us we are managing OK so far & as far in the future as one can see. Cissie & Fred have been to Malta & had a good time. Mum is off this month with Mrs LAMB down to Cornwall for a week so I shall be all on my own. It doesn't worry me as I am by nature Anti Social & travel bores me I have been round the world seen all I want to see when it was worth seeing & there was less injustice then than now, as this freedom which we now enjoy is the cause of more injustice. lack of freedom & owing to the collapse of our Empire all restraint has gone, as we held up & together the whole world for 200 yrs & they now find they dont know what to do with this freedom but fight one another & blame us for everything & yet its only us & the U S A who is stopping another war which would about finish everybody

Well thats that so on to less morbid subjects. I am surprised there is a shortage of men for your job as its only 12 months ago there was an article in the paper about how USA & Canada are going through a rough time with the close down of Space programme & personal were selling their homes & fleeing. So they must have got in some other place perhaps. I hope you had a good Birthday & will enjoy a lot more yet. & if you ever do get married dont have any children as I think its irresponsible to bring new life at this stage & until it can be seen were we are going that means being able to forsee a clear 10 yrs ahead instead as now when to forcast 1 yrs ahead would be the hight of folly. I hope you can read this as my hand is not as steady as it used to be. so look after yourself you are always in our mind

love DAD & MUM   X  X  X  X  X

Put some oil in that Banger before it grinds to a halt   D.