»  Letter: Monday, July 8, 1974

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue
N.N.P.  P 4 X.

Mr John Derbyshire Bsc.
57, North Perkins Avenue
N.Y 10525

Monday July 9th

My dear Son

Well, I've had 9 delightful days in Cornwall & arrived back yesterday. We travelled down on Saturday 29th. Sunday visited a most delightful little Cornish village called Craxton Monday a day at Land's End, which I loved. I thought the coastline wonderful & sat on a rock & wept at the immensity of the ocean that parts me from my loved ones. We met a charming Cornishman who conned us all to buy mead etc, but so humorous & wonderfully put over it was worth every penny. I fell about laughing, he was great, weather perfect. Tuesday we went to Falmouth, the rain came down in sheets, went on the river, but couldn't see a blind thing for rain & mist, most disappointed. Thursday I found my way to Newlyn & looked up your cousin Harry. divorced & remarried. He was thrilled to bits I hadn't seen him since he stayed when he was 15, you were 3 yrs old. They made me most welcome & I had a lovely day with them. They insist I go down in September for a holiday. Friday sunny but cold winds. Saturday started back visited Clovelly, a wonderful place, has to be seen, one cannot describe it, hope to have some snaps later. Stayed at Bideford — till Sunday then home. Hotel & food A.1. Dancing 3 times a week, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I gather Judy's house sold, I was disappointed they weren't here when I got home, but I expect she'll be phoning. Well dear, Dad has just received card & present, he's quite overcome. Thank you darling. I'm sure he'll write you himself. Noel bought him a pair of sheepskin slippers from Spain so he's highly pleased all round. I bought him a leather wallet, trousers & a bottle of mead, also a box of toffees. Never were there such times!! I hope your new apartment is satisfactory, take care, look after yourself, you know I'm more than happy when things go well for you son. Any advancement in your love life?!! Enid supposed to be coming home in July & wants to stay a few days but I think she's going back. Hows your car going, be very careful won't you. I put 3 lbs in weight on but I can soon take that off again. All for now my love. Thinking of you, do write soon.

Loving you

Mother    X  X  X  X  X  X  X