»  Letter: Friday, July 19, 1974

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire Bsc.
57 North Perkins Avenue
Elmsford    NY 10523

                62, Friars Avenue,
                      July I9th. 1974.

My darling son,

      Thank you for your letter received this morning,I thought I would try my hand again at my typing, it's some time now since I last had a go. You sound as though you are getting quite settled in, just wish I had wings to pop in for a cuppa. We smile at the comments you make about the bosses, t'was ever thus my love just wait till you are a boss. Of course your salary sounds fantastic to us poor mortals, John.

    We get a rise in pension this week, but already so many things have gone up in price that we are back to square one, telephone charges are going up almost a pound a quarter on rental, and extra on calls. We are expecting rent to go up again and electricity and gas is prohibitive, but still we are a lot better off than some.

    I was really very disappointed that Dad did'nt call me last Friday night, but he was thrilled to bits, I heard him call, but I thought it was a friend of mine calling from Worthing and I did'nt want to talk to her just then. I would dearly have loved to hear your dear voice my love, but never mind, there'll be another time.

      Well my love, Allan has sold the house and they are now selling up and hoping to fly out about August 9th but Judy has written to you and I expect will make arrangements to see you. Tess is quite excited at seeing her Uncle John again. I am going to be very sad when they go, but at the same time when bombs go off here and maim little children I think the sooner the better. You say it's hot there John, well we've had a lousy summer, very little sunshine, lots of rain and cold winds. My nephew and his wife have asked me to go to spend a holiday with them in Cornwall in September, so I shall probably go in the second week.

    Auntie Polly has been staying with Auntie Cis for a week and we had a little party on Wednesday and Dad and I are going to have lunch with them on Sunday. WE all went fruit picking on Thursday and I made 8lbs of raspberry jam. Enid is back on July 22nd, and wants to come for a few days, but I shall have Judy and family for a few days, so it will have to be when they've gone. I've also promised Mu to go for a few days before she goes back to school.

    Well, honey,it is now Monday and I have been very busy washing and doing up the house as Auntie Win is coming on Wednesday with a friend for the day so I shall have to look to my laurels. The sun is actually shining but it is very windy. We had a nice lunch at Auntie's[,] Cousin Isabel brought a huge leg of pork out of her deep freeze it was super. We talked about you of course and showed your snaps, Dad quite enjoyed himself. Judy and family will be staying with us for a few days as they have to be out of their house at the end of July and hope to get everything settled quickly. I see that I have repeated myself son it's a sure sign of senility. Mrs Starmer is coming to have a cup of tea with us soon , she has no grand-children yet and envies me , fancy that.! Dad has had his increased pension today, he's quite rich!!

It's dinner time now my darling, wish you were here to share it. Write soon love , we so look forward to your letters, take good care of yourself you are very precious to us. Mrs Brice and Mrs Gotch sends regards quite a lot of folks ask after you . Martin Draper was in the shop the other day and he enquired after you, they lost their first baby but now have a little boy he looked to be about 2 years old. All for now my love , loving of you and thinking of you constantly.

As ever,

Mother & Dad.

X  X  X  X

We are thinking of having a colour Television for Winter, what do you think?? Its a lot of money but falling in value all the time.