»  Letter: Thursday, August 1, 1974

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue
England, U.K.

NEW YORK 10523

62 FRIARS AV.    31 - 7 - 74.

Dear John,

It's me again, starting to write now, I dont know when I shall finish it, as we are having the Dailes to stay with us till they depart this land for greener pastures? & quiet times will be few & far between with a certain young lady roaming around. I am glad to hear you are furnishing your flat & making homely. It was nice of you to offer Judith etc: the use of your home. I think they will take you up on that but I should'nt think it would be for long, as I am sure they will find, like you did, money does'nt last long when there is none coming in. I only hope for Tessa's sake they know what they are doing. its none of our business, but we would'nt be human if we didnt worry.

Well the weather here, not hot like yours. Thanks for jogging Caroline's memory, she forwarded the Drill she said she was grateful for the use of it, but says, quote, I dont know how I am going to get John's trunk sent so I am forwarding the Drill seperately. I dont want to contact her with instructions of how to return your trunk till I hear from you as I understand you left money & instructions with her before you left. I should think all she need do is to make arrangements with Road or Rail transport to pick it up & forward to this address What do you think.

I dont know why but in the summer I always seem to have a blocked nose & a thick head. I have an idea its the dust in the air I only hope I dont have anything worse, healthwise to worry about, otherwise I am O K & enjoying my daily walks. the last time I cut the hedges I had a electric shock 3 times but I cant find anything wrong but it must be shorting somewhere. but as I have been using it for about 7 yrs I can't grumble so when Caroline sent drill I adapted it for hedge cutting. To attach hedge cutter you have to detach the Chuck & insert a plug in its place & on the end of plug a projection which fits into a slot in cutter. & as I have always left my cutter attached for 7 yrs I find I can't unscrew plug from drill I think it must have welded itself to the drill I have tried everything but I will get it eventually .. I hope.

I am writing this in between getting dinner ready & Mum is upstairs enjoying a siesta before the Daly storm breaks & H.M. TESSA takes over. I am cooking some chicken legs they are very nice yesterday we had a chuck steak which is cheaper now as the E.E.C. has a glut of Beef they are cutting the best parts out for themselves (the French) & leaving us the other cuts. I dont know why they call it the Common Market its the French Market.

Its a nasty old day to day raining & blowing hard with rain at times Mum & Tessa are in the kitchen making an Apple something so I am in for a treat. We are waiting for Enid to ring as her sister rung us & said Enid was due here on 30 inst & I think she wants to come & stay but with having Judith etc she will be unlucky. I dont know if Mum: gave her your address or not but the way she spoke or rather wrote, she was coming home to settle everything up & go back east so she may pay you a visit because if she sells the house she will be a wealthy woman. I hope you are steering clear of poor girls. never let them catch you in a weak moment, they are very crafty you know & just think how nice it is to only have yourself to please, to be able to go & come as you please no woman can compensate for that till you have had your fling. my sister Polly was over & we had a get together & it was very nice talking about old times. we went back 70 yrs to some of the things we remembered its surprising how you can remember that far back & if I put something down to day I can't find it tomorrow. She (Polly) will be 79 next month & is quite sprightly & looks about 60 yrs gets about. She has been to South Africa twice, flown, to have holiday with her daughter.[1] We had some good laughs about things we remembered.

Mum is going down to Cornwall to stay with your cousin Harold after Daileys have gone. It is going to upset her as she will miss having Tessa & so will I as she is such good company & livens us up when she comes to stay. Still thats life & if I know your Mum she wont be long before she will, by hook or crook find a way of visiting her. the worst of that is she will have another parting to endure. If it wasnt for Tessa we wouldnt mind so much as we are both of the opinion that you will fare better away from this country & as you both have, we hope, a long life in front of you & we shall be happy for you knowing we had not wasted our time bearing with you.

Tessa just come in & asked me what I was doing. I said writing to Uncle John to tell him what a pest you are. She said you are going to read it all to me when you have finished. as I am writing on the coffee table she is making a dolls bed underneath so you can understand the stress I am under. Well all for this time look after yourself we are always talking about you

love from all

Dad    X  X  X  X  X  X

  How do you like that for kisses.



  1. Molly.