»  Letter: Monday, September 30, 1974

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire Bsc.
57, North Perkins Avenue
Elmsford    N.Y. 10523


My dearest son,

how lovely it was to chat to you I felt I could reach out & touch you, I couldn't believe you are 3000 miles away. So many things I wanted to say. Anyway, it was great. I felt sad afterwards to think you have to do washing & get your own meal & wished I could do it for you. Perhaps next year I could come, have a few days with you, go by train across U.S.A & then fly to Honolulu, Judy said you & they would help with fare, wouldn't that be great. Of course a lot depends on Dad's state, I couldn't leave him if he gets frail or sick. Some days he's fine & others I worry. I've been to a funeral today. The husband of a friend died, he was 56 yrs old, had cancer. It was very sad, a bugler sounded the Last Post,[1] as he had served in the War & belonged to "Telavera" Unit[2] at Wooton. It depressed me no end but its a lovely day & I intend to do a bit of gardening when I've done this.

By the way love, Allan left a beautiful "Daks" suit here, said I could sell it & keep the money, but I wondered if it would be any use to you. He paid £58 for it from Swanns. I've taken the trousers to the cleaners, but its like new. Its a soft brownish colour with a yellow waistcoat back vent & very smart. If you think it would do you, let me know, otherwise I shall advertise it, Uncle Fred says I could ask £20 easily. However if you want it love, I'll send it Air Mail, so let me know soon.

No news from them this last week. They have a house, so waiting now to see what jobs they get. We get very lonely, but don't worry. if you think you will have problems getting in & out, stay put. We are really fine. Have the usual political carry on with the Election[3] coming up. I am getting rid of your bed & making the room into a sewing room & retreat for me, shall get a folding bed I can use. You have my room when you come. Have to get new specs, I left mine in Adnitts & somebody pinched them!!

Love Mum &  X  Dad  X



  1. Taps.

  2. She means "Talavera" (a battle in one of Wellington's campaigns, though I don't know the significance of the unit) and "Wootton", where Simpson Barracks was located.
  3. There were two elections in the U.K. in 1974. The one Mum is writing about here took place on October 10.