»  Letter: Sunday, November 10, 1974

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs. J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue
Northampton NNP. P4X.

NEW YORK 10523

Sunday, October[1] 10th

My dear Son,

I'm sitting in the sunshine in your room catching up on my letters. No news from Judy for nearly 3 weeks, she didn't say whether Allan got the job or not. She sent me some lovely snaps & their house looks very pleasant.

Well, dear, let me see what news. If I repeat myself forgive me, I forget. John Raphael is divorced & looks dreadful. I hear he's living in the "General" for the time being chasing the "Dolly Birds." I went to a concert at the Town Hall 3 weeks ago, Cheese & Wine Party at the Hospital & on to the "Berni" for a very pleasant meal with Jean & Bernard Isherwood, a very dishy Consultant & a charming Argentinian Dr & wife. On Friday last, I went with Jean & Bernard to Kenilworth with their daughter Judy, who was presented to Princess Anne, something to do with the Spastics & riding. So you see I'm not vegetating too much. I'm going out to a Xmas dinner on Dec. 2nd with Auntie Cis, we joined a "Club." Cis has asked us to go for Xmas day, though we'd rather stay at home really. I know, we should be very sad, it's the first Xmas we've ever been alone.

Still, there's lots to look forward to, you know how I love the Spring & my bit of gardening & doing your room up, planning to come & see you & Judy & Tess. Cousin Harold & his wife, also Judy, want me to go again to Newlyn. I wouldn't mind a part-time job dear really, but I'd lose about £12 before I earned anything, so it isn't really worth it. We'd lose our rent rebate, & my hospital pension ceases if I work, there'd be tax etc., so its futile. Darling, don't laugh, I've made a will, with you as executor. It is with a Mr Vizzard of Shoesmith & Harrison. Of course, depending how long I live & times we live in there may be nothing left to leave, I've no house for you, very little money, etc. My £1000 Government Bonds have lost £300[3] though this doesn't affect the Interest & if & when they go up I shall sell them & put into something else. I've £1200 in the Halifax Building Soc, but have to draw on that for holiday next year, & I try to keep £100 in Deposit Account for Bills, clothes etc. So there you have it. All I have of 63 yrs living!! I count my family my treasure & am really content. I only wish I had more to leave you both. Only the most loving Mother    X  X  X  X

Don't worry too much if Dad moans about Cindia, only the best for you!!



  1. She means "November." This is plain from the postmark.
  2. Pretty young women. John had something of a name for this in Northampton's little medical community, whether fairly or not I don't know.
  3. This can't be right. The face value of a government bond of course does not alter, so I assume she means the market value. The British govt. was in a bad way during the mid-1970s, but was govt. paper really trading at 70 cents on the dollar? Hard to believe.