»  Letter: Saturday, December 7, 1974

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs. J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
57, North Perkins Avenue
New York, 10523

Dec. 7th 1974.

My dear Son,

I'm having a letter writing, Xmas card session in your room, while Dad watches the Gog. It's a grey drear day, what Grandma Knowles used to call "one of the dull dark days before Xmas." Have you had your sweater I sent by air nearly two weeks ago. I expect you've heard we have a bakers strike, but it doesn't bother me, I can live without bread & sugar. I'm sorry where there's children to feed & men to pack up for work. It's worse than war time. Well, dear, I'm very concerned about Judy, she's not at all happy with Hawaii & they seem to have very little money left. She talks about coming home, I'm not sure whether she means without Allan. They had good jobs here, a nice house etc., some security for Tess, now will have nothing. I don't know what to think, I'm really worried. I expect you think I'm an idiot John, but I can't help it all sorts of horrid thoughts mill about in my mind. Allan doesn't seem to have much stamina, it's time they settled for Tessa's sake. Every time she's uprooted she has to leave all her little treasures & toys behind. I'd give anything to have her here. The nearer Xmas gets, the more depressed I feel. I'm sorry to sound morbid, my love, I've got a fit of the "miseries." Take no notice.

We are very well, have stocked up with what we can for Winter, things get more & more expensive or unobtainable. Still we are much better off than many & I shouldn't be moaning. "Little Harold" has given us 20p worth of Beef coupons, that's 40p for a couple, it all helps. I keep an eye on dear old Mrs Cobbins, I think I told you Mr C had died, Michael came from Australia & wanted his mother to go back with him, but she wouldn't at the last minute. I suppose at her age it's a big step to go to a new country & new ways. I hope you are looking after yourself & keeping warm & fed properly. Today's papers say there are millions of Americans out of work. This is probably your last letter till New Year my love. Have a lovely Xmas & I hope 1975 brings you good health & good luck. Ever in my thoughts.

Loving you as always

Mother & Dad  X  X  X