»  Letter: Thursday, December 12, 1974

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Dear Son.

We got your card today its lovely & a very nice choice. We are both well but looking forward to summer & warm weather we dont like the wet. cold. We had snow today I understand you had some as well, ours was very slight but strong cold winds & as summer & fall was the same you can understand why we are looking for a change. I wish you would drop us a line more often as Mum & me like to know you are OK, so just a few [ … ] every week will keep us happy.

I know Mum keeps you up to date with the news so I wont bother you with it. I hope you are enjoying yourself also looking after yourself. its easy enough to let yourself go. We had a letter from Judith. I dont think she is settling down to well 'pity'. The country is going to have a job to survive. We may land up as the 53 state U S A. for goodness sake dont come back here to work the prospects are NIL How is your love life. keep on your toes or you will be caught. every married bloke thought he was smart: bunk! we are no match with them.

Well all for now I hope you have a good Xmas & a very good New Year & look after yourself. you & Judith & family are always in our mind as when you get to our age we worry about your future because we can see a bit further in the future than you can & what we see does'nt please us.

Cheerio all our love Dad.   X  X  X  X

Look after your health its very precious.