»  Letter: Sunday, December 15, 1974

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs. J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire, Bsc.
57, North Perkins Avenue
New York, 10523

Dec. 15th 74.

My darling Son,

Thank you for your lovely card liberally besprinkled with mother's tears.!! Hope you have a lovely time at Xmas, good health & happiness for 1975. We've had snow & bitterly cold winds, but its been lovely today, sunny & fresh. Next week I am going every day to St. Edmunds to help Jean (Isherwood) with Out Patient parties. She is very good to me. I went to a "Royal College of Nursing" do there last week & was taken to dinner at the "Bernie" afterwards. I didn't get home till 11:30 pm & Dad was furious. I don't know what he thought I'd been up to!! I can't sit about for ever, he won't go anywhere with me, so I have to rely on my friends It's only once in a blue moon anyway. I get bored with Television & often go to bed anytime after 7:30 pm if only to read in bed. Dad won't hear of a colour TV, we could rent one on a yearly basis quite easily.

We shall look forward to Xmas Eve darling. Xmas Day we shall be at Auntie Cis's, but I expect Dad will come home after lunch he finds Mike's two boys a bit overpowering, but I shall probably stay longer. They are coming to us on Boxing Day.

The news is very depressing, we are threatened with food shortages, higher & higher prices, Gas, electricity, phones postal charges up, strikes & unemployment, but when I go to town, the shops are full & streets crowded, everyone spending like mad & the ones that can afford it hoarding everything. We must all be mad to have got into our present state. I'm philosophical. We have enough for our needs. No more news yet from Judy. I almost expect her to come walking in any day! I wish they'd never gone. They were doing all right here. She's never going to have any security at this rate. I worry about her health. I expect you think I'm a fool John, but there it is. You & Judy are my lifeline. There'd be nothing to live for without you & little Tessa. I'm glad the sweater suitable. I've just sold a beautiful shawl I'd crocheted for £15!! & a lady's Arran sweater for £8.!! It all helps though I won't commit myself for orders, I like to feel free to do them in my own time. Love you

Mother &    X  X  X    Dad    X  X  X