»  Letter: Saturday, January 11, 1975

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue Delapre

57 North Perkins AVENUE
NEW YORK 10523

62 FRIARS AV. 11 - 1 - 75

Dear John,

It was nice to hear from you again. As you say it is a long time since the last letter from you. We dont count phone calls as we have to think quick & in consequence Panic: I am glad you enjoyed alcoholic Xmas. Its a mistake to over indulge as you are wondering what you did or said the night before, & its not always pleasent when you find out. Speaking from experience. If your boss wants you to stay on, I should  I always timed my moves for the warm weather & the slump is world wide  Canada was hit very bad in your class of work  a lot had to sell up & move away acording to an article in readers digest, so if you take my advice you will hang on till you can see daylight through this depression. That is if they hav'nt put the "TONG" on you over Cindy  It was a mistake to get involved & her relatives didnt want to know you when you had nothing so its a good thing alround  I am surprised at you picking a virgin. Still you know the definition of a gentleman  "A Patience Wolf" so you can win if you are the Patience type. You will have to find a hobby to keep your mind occupied & make some teetotal friends? never mind you will look back in years to come & wonder why you did these things

As you say Xmas is a family do. We went to Auntie Cissie's Xmas day & they came down here Boxing Day. Mike & Family were over & a good time was had by all. [ … ] We are enjoying the company of Judith and Tessa. they landed on Tues: 3 pm Heath Row & Mum went down with Fred Allen in his car & met her. We are happy to have them but if it is right no one knows  We both love Tessa she lightens up our life & we adore her she is a darling. but Judith proposes to take on were she left off & teach at Kingsley & get a flat for her & Tessa & I am worried about Tessa because if Judith gets involved in these Hon: posts for different Societies Tessa will suffer & if we say anything we are interfering so what can we do. As I understand Judith & Allan have only parted PRO:TEM: because she can't live there its to expensive although he gets a job it doesnt pay the rent, but he has promised to pay the costs of her apartment so its in the lap of the gods. She has left him & as Tessa loves both of them & its her we worry about  I only wish your Mum & I were 20 yrs younger Tessa wouldn't leave this house no matter what.

Well I have no doubt Mum: will be giving you all the news there may be thing I have told you she wont. I would like to read the godfather I have heard its good  may reserve it at the library. Dont think because Canada has oil for so have we but its already called for by America & us. Canada is dependant on Yankee capital they get the Lion's share. so if you have a good Boss hang on to him till you have a good bank balance, good weather to look round & if you dont like what you see its nice to be in the position to be able to move on, even back if necessary. So if you do leave your present boss it does'nt do any harm to leave him with the impression you may return after a good holiday. You are getting to the age I was when Noel was born & believe me you are free  I only wish I had been then when your hat is on the roof is on so keep going as life is full of changes & if you only have yourself to consider its no trouble so for Gods & your own sake dont lose your single status for less than a million £ it is'nt worth it else

there is no need to be celabate these days, in my day there was no Pill & there was'nt time to put a sheath on so we took a chance. The only or should I say the most important thing I have learnt is, worry is'nt worth the trouble as mountains now are mere ant hilss a few years after  I am keeping well, but every year I find something I could do last year I cant do this year. I think I shall be like the old soldier, just fade away & apart from my family it wouldnt worry me at all. I would like to see how you all fare but I know its impossible so why worry  any way I hope you will always remember me as one that only had one aim in life to give you all a good start in life. then its up to you. So Cheerio for now. Dont worry I feel fit & well.