»  Letter: Monday, February 3, 1975

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

MR J. Derbyshire
John Derbyshire
57 North Perkins Ave:
New York 10532

                  62 Friars Av

Dear John

It was nice to get your welcome letter & for my sake dont leave it so long between letters as your mother is not fit to live with after 10 days without hearing from you. I dont know why we worry, perhaps its because we are your Mum & Dad & we love you. does that explain it. When I was your age I used to write home about 2 or three months & then wonder why your Auntie Cissie used to write & tell me off. now I know. perhaps you will some day

Well your letter was quite informative with a touch of humour  We were relieved to hear you are well, prosperous & keepin your head above water which is an achievement these times. Your Fable is true. I don't know who said it. quote, trust no one & you will be always right. Congratulations on your promotion & wishing you luck in your Masters ticket.[1]  I think you have made the right decision, as the world is today, you must look after yourself & always remember what I have told you. A good bank balance is always your best friend.

I am just having a drink of Martini Dry & Brandy & Mead & Soda water how's that for a cocktail it 10 p m & Mum has gone to bed. I am sorry about your sex life but remember hard work will take up all your extra energy & with your charm you will be able to take your pick  You have to be 40 & in a good job & you will attract all the Dolly girls. They think you are safe & they enjoy it a lot more because you are longer reaching your climax & that sends them. You see when you are young you come before you can enter over 40 you can work them up with petting & whe you enter they are half way to a climax & fully satisfied, so you see, sex wise, you have the best to come, & when you get to my age you will enjoy looking back on it.

I am sure you are right about Judith I dont think she is grown up. She is paying 48£ a month for a flat for her & Tessa because she wants to be independant  she talks about buying a car, she cant drive & I cant talk to her  she acts like a school girl & tries our patience, but whatever she does we shall stand by her. as I see it she is our daughter & whatever she does its our fault. She didn't ask to be born & we have failed in rearing her so we as parents must take the blame. I am sorry for Mum; but by condoning what she did & her behaviour, she brought it on herself. had I have known what was going on I would have treated her like a savage dog & drowned her. Little Tessa is a darling & loves to get here with us. I am afraid we spoil her but after what she has gone through in her short life she needs a bit of spoiling  I sometimes look at her & wonder if she will turn out like her mother. that is the risk parents take  one has to be firm, to steer thier children in the way that is best for them & at the same time love & spoil them & all they have to look back on is the happiness one had rearing & guiding them in the correct path. They are coming to dinner, Judith & Tess, on Sunday so we may get something out of her. She should start teaching 1 Feb  I dont know if is still on. She wont be able to pay that rent for long so she will have to get some sort of a job  Allan has proved a skunk  I dont think he is much good & she is well shot of him.

I am glad you like Harry Trueman's book he was the best President U S have ever had & did a good job at a very difficult time & changed to way it was going & put McArthur in his place & showed great statesmanship. he had a great habit of listening to all the experts & picking the best parts of each & mould it for action with good results  I haven't read H G Wells history book  I think it was a yank who said quote All History is Bunk so take your Pick, its like religion it only shows the good parts  I was pleased to hear your bowling average is up to 130 whatever that means. I should be surprised if you don't owe the Tax Man something but when you get your Master Degree in Business Efficiency you will know all the answers to the Tax Man's questions & remember it is a Federal offence to withold information on Tax income that means jail.

I am glad you are having some sun although we dont get much of it here  we have only had 1 lot of snow & it had all gone in 24 hrs  plenty of Rain & Gales & cold. Well I am feeling not to bad, I cant expect much now I seem to deteriorate every year in activity. things I could do last year I can't do this year but still active  I dont mind growing old as long as I dont become helpless  I wouldnt like to be a burden to anyone, selfish bastard aren't I. Well all for now & hope your luck holds out & you achive your ambitions, which I am sure you will so

            All the Best, love


                X X  Mum.  X X 



  1. I was taking some business courses at Pace University in Westchester County, with the vague idea of getting an M.B.A. I soon found the courses intolerably boring, though, and dropped out.