»  Letter: Tuesday, February 11, 1975

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue
NNP. P4X.  Northampton

Mr John Derbyshire
57 North Perkins Avenue
10523.  New York

Feb 11th 75

My dear Son,

Thank you for your super letter, of course I am helping Judy all I can, but I find it very hard to understand her. I hate to think of her making a mess of her life. I have Tess often & fetch her home from school when Judy can't, she had a supply job[1] last week at Spencer Girls' School, but has no money coming in till end of Feb. She starts at St. David's next week till Easter, then goes to Bective till July, but I shan't see them without  Dad's attitude makes me very unhappy. he never speaks to her & critisises all she does, the atmosphere is icy when she comes. She is buying a little old car & he's furious, told me I should have talked her out of it, waste of money, she's a fool, etc, etc. This doesn't help, if she can pass the test & it makes her mobile why not.!

She's had no unemployment benefit yet, they keep fobbing her off saying she hasn't enough stamps on her card. She's paying £12 a week for a tiny little flat in George's Avenue, but has the chance of a Corporation Developement House in a few months. She's hoping Allan will send her some money, but I'm dubious, he's not that fond of work I think. She talks of some fellow who wants her to go to Los Angeles & down to Mexico with him, I don't know how well she knows him. I don't like her being promiscuous, I can bear anything but that & the effect on little Tess. I think she's very silly & of course if Dad knew that he'd really blow his top. I've never reproached her John & have always helped her in anyway I can, whatever she's done, but I think its time she grew up & had more sense of responsibility. If it wasn't for Tessa I wouldn't give a damn. Write to her son, its 25, Flat 2, St George's Avenue. perhaps she'll open up to you. It's really got me down.

Well love, we are pleased at your news & hope all goes well for you. The years fly by so quickly, it seems no time at all since you were both babes. I know John there is a great deal of misery & suffering in the world, our troubles are a flea bite, but it is what affects me & mine I'm afraid. Selfish probably, but most Mums feel the same. If anything I could do would stop war, famine, crime I would do it now. Loving as always,

            X X X  Mother.



  1. "Supply job" — a job as a substitute teacher.