»  Letter: Thursday, April 17, 1975

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

MR John Derbyshire
John Derbyshire
57 North Perkins Avenue
New York  10532

62 Friars Avenue      18-4-75

Dear John,

It was nice to get 2 letters from you in a few days (keep it up) & to see you are progressing upwards & we hope copeing with it. I hope following letters will be just as good  "We can stand it". I must say you look quite the executive in your photo & you look healthy & fit. It must have been quite a thrill to take the wheel in flight.[1]  Your boss must be the right sort, but then in USA you are judged on what you can do not on who you are, like over here. I know I can't advise you & would not attempt to as you are Johnny on the Spot & way out of my depth, but there some things which you only learn by experiencing over a number of years & are general to any age or station in life. on the way up you may find it slippery & you have to leave your friends behind, & in most cases are resented by said friends, so to keep them you want to keep, needs careful diplomacy & tact which I could never find the right formula, I hope you can, but to be forewarned helps, so keep your eyes open & look for the signs. It must have been a wonderful experience for you & its is a wonderful feeling to feel you are climbing out of a rut & tasting, I hope, the good things in the future, in any case your first experience is the one you never forget. I like the remarks about the salesmens boss. I experienced that once in N.Z selling Ford cars. There was a Special School where you were taught how to sell & all the Spiel its funny looking back on it but was educational at the time & has stood me in good stead many times & I find that if you can tell the tale right it saves a lot of backing up by the product you are selling. But you are on top of your job & wont want any of that education.  if & when you get into a good executive position you will need to watch the women as you will have them flocking round you & flattering you so keep your eyes open & learn to sort the wheat from the chaff as I know you will.

We are just chugging along as usual. Mum's sister in Yorkshire (Nell) passed away on Tuesday  the funeral is today (Thursday) & she has gone up for it & may stop over till Monday so I am on my Tod[2]. till then  She knows I cant get into any mischief as I feel 76 now. I have never felt my age till this year  now if I do a little job like cutting the grass it puts me out of action & I jave got something come to my leg which hinders me walking & I like to walk about 4 miles a day to keep fit, still I am eating, drinking, & sleeping well so I cant grumble I suppose  one must expect things like this when advancing in years  parts must wear out  I am surprised mine have lasted so well the way I have abused them over the years (they must have been good ones when they were new). We keep doing the football pools every & if we do come up with the Jackpot you can look out as your Mum has it all planned out to come over & visit you. I cant see us being so lucky.

Judy has bought an old banger & Mum is learning her to drive so she leaves that car here & Mum goes to give her a bit of tution & leaves Tessa with me as she (Tessa) does'nt care for riding with her  Mum does'nt trust her  She is growing up into a nice child. Mum took her to the Baths & she said she got changed & jumped straight in & swam like a fish. Mum was surprised. She swam in the deep end & the attendant made her come out & go to the shallow end everyone was watching her  I think Allan taught her & Hawaii & he must be a good teacher. Its pitiful to hear her talk about her Daddy because she loves him & he loves her as he writes her some lovely letters. That is the part of marriage I hate to see when they can't live together & the children suffer, so dont let it happen to you. Allan wants Judy to take Tessa over to los Angles & stay with some friends of his & a Pal & his wife will take Tessa to Hawaii to stay with them so Allan can keep in touch with her. Well all for now  Aunt Cissie Fred Mike & all her send thier love & wish you all the best

            love Mum Dad

                X X X X X



  1. I had flown back from a business trip to Atlanta in Savin's corporate jet, which the company chairman, E. Paul Charlap, piloted himself. He had insisted I take a turn at the controls.
  2. "Tod" = Todd Sloane = alone. This is Cockney rhyming slang. I have no idea who Todd Sloane was.