»  Letter: Monday, April 28, 1975

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue
Northampton NNP.P4X.

Mr John Derbyshire
57 North Perkins Avenue
New York, 10523

April 28th

My darling Son,

I was sorry to miss you when you rang last Sunday, but Dad explained to you about dear old Auntie Nell. She had been ill for years with bronchial asthma & died from renal failure & pneumonia. I was very sad, we had always been fond of each other & a very good sister to me in my teen years. Well, that's life, son, but being a large family makes you wonder who's next.!! I think I told you Fiona was severely injured in a car accident some months ago. Well, with special make up, new teeth & plastic surgery she still looks quite lovely, the worst scars are under her chin. I came back last Monday. Judy had a driving lesson, but she & Tess had bad colds. I put Tess to bed here & kept her all week, running high temp, cough, sore throat, earache, the lot. I think Judy gets depressed, but she's coping. I do what I can to help, do her washing & usually do her flat occasionally, have Tess sit with Judy for driving, she says I'm bloody good!! She's doing very well & has a test in June. Road Tax went up this month to £40 which she has just had to pay. Phone Rental has gone up today to £ & we now have a "fuel added tax" on all electricity, as well as ordinary tax. We are all dreading next winter. We had a pension rise of £1.50 & the Council promptly put the rents up £1.20. Can't win. I have the use of Judy's old banger but with petrol 75p a gallon, don't use it much. If Judy gets her test, I'll go halves to join the A.A. & have the car serviced. Judy met Trevor Dunkley's wife at a club she has joined. She recognized Judy. Trevor is a probation Officer. Derek Lamb was married on Saturday at last. I felt a bit sad, for Judy. I'd like her to have a good man to love & care for her & Tessa, it grieves me to see them so. The Corporation Developement seem to think she'll get a house soon. This would be marvellous & would do a great deal to make her happy.

You are always in my thoughts my love, I long to see you. You seem to work very long hours. We are very proud of you. Dad was like a cock with two tails when you sent the snap in the plane. He's almost got you President of U.S.A.!!! Am spring cleaning & gardening, very hard work.!

It's now Thursday. I kept this letter back in case there was one from you, but no luck, so won't wait any longer. May 1st today, cold, grey & windy. We long for warm sunshine. Take care.

            Loving you

                Mother  X X X X