»  Letter: Monday, May 5, 1975

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

MR John Derbyshire
John Derbyshire
57 North Perkins Avenue
New York  10532

62 Friars Avenue  Northampton5-5-75

Dear John,

We received your welcome letter to day. I had to go to the G.P.O. to collect it, as they left a note saying they had tried 3 times to deliver, they couldnt have tried very hard. I was very interested in the article from Times as its unusual for them to bother with small towns like that because its off the beaten track & hard to find. I hope you are not working to hard but that is one of the Perks of going up the ladder however you are young & if you can't take it now you never will.

Yes I was sorry about Nell  she was a very nice person  still its the nice ones that go first (must be a pious lot up there)  I have no doubt Mum will be forwarding Beryl (daughter) address for you to write. Judith has got a new House near Billing moveing in this W/E so there will be much to & fro ing this week  I dont know how they are going in to school as the only Buses are Wesleys.

So you have fallen for the nursing Profession have you, well watch out you will want eyes in your rear end they know all the answers such as "No". I did'nt think they exsisted these days ("Noes I mean" I must be slipping. only trouble with them they do the same when they are wed. I would like to see you in your new gear, it sounds quite expensive, but then what is money. You must be in now if you have a security pass  you can bet you have been vetted but your work must be up to standard as well. We are quite proud of you, no kidding  keep it up you will get the rewards later  aim for the top & you can make it, you are the right place. I should think by the sound of it, the old man must have been a corpse by what he had the matter with him.

I shall be writing Noel so I will tell him not to expect an early reply. Yes you are right  You Noel & me are Anti social & none of us should marry as it isn't fair to the woman as we are all the things you say & if your Uncle Tom had lived he would have been another one. You are just like him  Noel is just like me all balls no brains, just enough to get by  I got by with what I had. I look back & I am sure I have had the best of the, since the world began. believe me in my day the world was a wonderful place much larger than it is now, quiter, masculine, clean & a wonderful place to be a part of. We ruled the world but since the empire went the whole world fell apart as I thought it would. It may not seem so to you, but then you never knew those days. You had to be tough to survive  nothing was free you had to fight to live & the losers died young. its been fun & I wish you could have experienced it you would have loved it. Sorry I am off again but if we do meet again we will talk & I will put you wise & you are right family loyalty is everything  I would do anything for mine

What a thrill you must have had at the movie. When you see it you wonder what you would do, believe me you will just try to get in open country & hope for the best. I have been in 5 but only 1 was the wrecking kind that topples buildings & opens the earth, the others were rollers & the sensation is like being on a rough sea, you run to grab something & it goes away from you then all of a sudden you are racing to it & cant stop & so it goes on in waves, but the other sort just shakes & everything comes down & the ground opens up & there is nowhere to go. you are lucky or unlucky you don't have a choice & when I look back I realise how lucky I have been & my lucky star shon in spite of my naive outlook, as we only learnt as we went along. You are wrong  Occlusion is a polite way of saying gritting your teeth or holding your breath with shock

Well as Mum will be busy all this week with Judith I thought I had better let you know we had received  you will have time to digest before you get another dose from her to digest. the weather here is awful cold 50% Far: We see the sun now & again. Its about 18 months since we had any nice weather & I don't think I can stand another summer & winter like the last. Judy meet Trevors wife the other day at some meeting  I forgot what she said he was doing, it was a collar & tye job. How is your academic career going on  I hope you get your degree

        All for now

                love from Mum &

                         X X X  DAD