»  Letter: Tuesday, May 6, 1975

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue
Northampton NNP.P4X.

Mr John Derbyshire
57, North Perkins Avenue
New York. 10523.


My dear Son,

thank you for your nice newsy letter, you always give us a chuckle  Oh, many thanks for cheque, it is doubly welcome as Judith has a new Corporation Developement house & hopes to move in this week-end. She has brought second-hand furniture & has done very well with a small sum. The only snag is its rather far out near Billing Aquadrome so until she's passed her test it will be a hassle getting to school, but she's done very well. Life is very hectic now for a few days as I am going to have to be at the house for gas, phone, T.V, electricity man, clean the house up, leave the flat clean & generally fetch & carry, but I'm only too happy to do it. I'm giving her some money to have a phone put in, its over £50 now, but essential with Tessa. She is thrilled to bits as she can now have a kitten & also there's a children's play area right outside her back gate. The rent is £8-43 a week, 2 bedrooms, kitchen-diner, sitting-room, bath & loo, quite a big garden, open plan front which the council do with shrubs & plants, so she's very lucky to get it. I hope all goes well now. Her new address will be 45, Coneygree Court, Bellinge. It's a fine new estate.

Yes, dear, I'm sure Beryl would be delighted to hear from you, its Mrs S. Limbert  93, Monkhill Lane, Pontefract, Yorks. This last week-end Auntie Cis & Fred went to Shrewsbury to Mikes & dropped me off at Harold's. I had a nice week-end with them, but Harold is in great misery as his skin grafts on bottom & legs are very painful, he can hardly bear to sit down. Dear, oh! dear John, the things that afflict the human frame, I don't wonder we aren't all hypochondriac  Nurses (nice ones anyway) don't give in very easily but I expect you'll work on it!!

Do write to Judy love, I know it will please her & Tessa adores you. Fancy Noel writing, but its nice, we shan't always be here, I'd like to think you all kept in touch. The Knowles family were noted for their pride, this comes from Granny Knowles who came from a "Good Family" & she instilled this "pride" into us. We were known as a stiffnecked, stubborn lot, with "nose in the air", but kind & well-liked. It rubs off you know love, mix it with the Derbyshires & Whee!! I've read about "Earthquake", would like to see it. By the way dear an "Occlusion" is a a heart attack. Clever!! Dad was very interested in the article you sent, I was round Coalbrook Dale on Saturday.

We are very well love, waiting for Judy & Tessa to come for tea, then I'm giving her a lesson, she says I'm "Bloody Good"

        Take care my love, keep up the good work. Thinking of you, Love you

                X X  Mother  X X