»  Letter: Friday, May 16, 1975

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue
Northampton NNP.P4X.

Mr John Derbyshire
57, North Perkins Avenue
New York. 10523.

May, 16th.

                62, Friar's Avenue,

My dear son, thought I would try my hand again at the old typewriter, as I have'nt used it for some time. Well dear I don't quite know where to start, life has been very hectic this last few weeks. Two weeks ago, Cis and Fred went to see Mike at Shrewsbury and dropped me on the way to see my brother Harold, and I stayed till the Monday. It made a nice change, he is badly disabled from the shocking burns he received 6 years ago, but very cheerful.

When I returned, it was to hear that Judy had been allocated a new house at Billing. So you can imagine the work involved getting them in the house and leaving the flat spick and span so, that she can get her deposit of £50 back. I scrubbed the house from top to bottom the usual builders muck. It is a lovely house, two huge bedrooms, loo, bathroom, large roomy hall, lounge, long kitchen-diner, loads of storage and cupboard space, long back garden, and pleasant open frontage which the Corporation do, and, to Tessa's great joy, a beautifully laid out play area right outside the back gate. It's right opposite the Aquadrome.

They are thrilled to bits, and Judy has bought loads of secondhand stuff, and she really has a very comfortable home together, with a few bits Mum has provided! Her biggest need now is carpets, though all floors downstairs are Marley tiles. She has a driving test on June 2nd, and she has done a lot of driving with me, and I feel quite happy with her, she should get it. I think I told you that she had brought and old Ford "Banger". She will then be quite independent, and has really handled things very well. She says she is quite happy so I hope all will go well now. Do write to her John I know she will appreciate it. I met Mrs Smith in town on Wednesday, who told me her John's wife had walked out on him with another man and left John with the two boys. She was very upset as she now has to have them with her, and she has just moved house and has all new things. I never liked her, but I did really feel sorry for her as Pat is also now divorced. Whats the matter with you all. Too much variety eh! I have had very painful sciatica and rheumatism not helped by shocking weather, cold, wet, and generally bloody awful, I would like to take a cruise to a sunny and warm climate, but will have to wait till pigs fly! Dad is also having pain in his legs which make him very miserable, he has no patience as you know with any illness, and carps all day long. Old age is hatefull, I sometimes wonder why we bother to struggle on John. The economic situation gets worse and I sometimes despair of my fellow-men, they all seem so pigheaded. Some want all the cake and don't give a damn for anyone else. Well, my love, how are things with you, Dad says if you and Judy fell out of an aeroplane you'd both fall into a muckcart. I think brains and guts will out!! I am going to Rustington for ten days from June 25th to July 4th. It's near Worthing in Sussex, I have a friend retired there, but I feel it's an imposition in these expensive times to stay with anyone unless one can pay one's whack, but she insists I go. Harry and Judy want me to go to Newlyn again this year, and Mary and Fred want me to go to Snettisham later on, did I tell you John they have now bought a Mobile Home there. I miss them very much, they have been good friends always. It is not far from where we stayed with them some years ago son, remember? I think you were about 19 then. Have you heard any more from Enid I think she's got a nerve, She'll get three times as much for the house now if she sells it and ther's a few pounds worth of stuff there that I gave, I asked her to let me have my steak set back but I never did. Take care my love, you are always in my thoughts and in my heart I so long to see you. You are 30 now darling, muched loved as ever. I cannot send you the birthday present I would like but will wait till you come home and make it up to you. Postage is now so exhorbitant, it's beyond all reason. Cheaper to make a phone call.

Well, darling I have'nt made too many mistakes have I? so all for now, take great care.
                As always


                                 Mother.  X X X