»  Letter: Wednesday, May 21, 1975

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Dear son

I hope you get this for your birthday & that you have a good time & many more to come. Things are much the same here. Judith has moved into her new house, with the help of Mum, who seems tireless (to me) or perhaps its because I am getting old. I sometimes wish she would ease up as I tell her she will have to soon but she takes no notice. We have just had a fine day, yesterday, but to day its back to normal, East wind cold & overcast promising rain. how the poor farmer ever grows anything beats me. It never stopped raining from noon Friday till Sat: night. anyway yesterday I thought I will cut the hedges & the grass, I managed the grass & ¾ of the hedges when the drill on the hedge cutter conked out, so I switched to the drill I lent to you, but in about 10 mins that also went west & I had to finish with hand clippers now. I must do a bit of investigating the cause of the failure of both, because if only the one had gone I would have said (that is that) but when both go I will have to look elsewhere for cause. I have no doubt Mum will be writing when she sends your card & giveing you all the news  so look after yourself & dont come to this country, only for holiday because its sinking fast & will go without trace eventually & the workers have only themselves to blam & I hope they roast in Hell

            love Dad


All The Best To You Today & Many More Days & Years To Come