»  Letter: Friday, July 11, 1975

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

MR John Derbyshire
John Derbyshire
57 North Perkins Ave:
New York 10532

62 Friars Avenue        11-7-75

Dear John,

I got your card, as you will see by above date, in good time for my birthday & I think its a lovely card & if what it says is true i.e. For a Great Father with admiration & respect & love. I am sure no Father in the world could be paid a greater compliment. I know I have not been the Ideal Dad but I did my best & I hope you will have as much luck & good fortune as I have & am still having. I dont expect it will be much different than any other just another milestone & as time goes on the distance between them seems shorter each year. I find now I have not the energy, now every year I find jobs I could do the year before are to much for me. Still I have had a good innings & as long as I can get about & keep mentally alert I dont mind. but I dont want to be a burden to anyone I would much rather pass on. apart from my family I dont think there is anything I shall miss.

enough of that. You seem to be doing well & I hope you will continue, always remember as long as you have no responsibilities you can laugh at the world but you must have good health & if ancestry is anythink to go by you should be full of whatever it takes to enjoy health as my & your Mum's Parents never had anything to worry about  perhaps we have been lucky, so it would be as well to take precautions. its not so bad in this country but U S A can be a very expensive place to be ill in so they tell me. & remember what I always tell you, a good Bank Balance is the best friend you will ever have so dont take any chances  the world is a fast changing its ways. when I look back I realise I have come from a stable, if backward world, to an unknown one. it is quite evident the world alter greatly otherwise it will strangle itself. in my life time shorter hours & greater demand has kept the world turning but that method has a limit because if it is applied in the future we will run out of hours & the demand will be greater if there is a bad season for any branch of food supply now there is starvation. in my day we kept a reserve & grew a lot of our own so you can see as from now its not jobs you will want to survive in the future but food. so I hope, in our stupidity, we have'nt killed the Goose that laid the Golden Egg still time will tell

You have a heat wave so have we for the last 5 weeks & it is still with us. I understand the U S A had recovery on the way from depression & was expecting things being back to normal in 2 yrs. nice to hear you are playing games  have you dropped your tennis  that is a game to keep you fit. I watch them on TV & wonder where I got my energy from. looking back it never made me tired, only for 2 hours after that we were ready for off again. I have only seen soft ball on TV it looks a fast game to me in short bursts. I could never see anything in bowling (we call it Skittles)  I know they have altered the rules a bit  I used to like playing bowls on a crown green but down south they play in teams inside a lane & I never enjoyed it  With crown you can play anywhere & the woods have a Bias to counter the pull of the crown so you often have to send a wood after the Jack in an Arch & go past the jack & the Bias would pull the wood round the back. You should see Tessa in the swimming pool jumps in & off she goes swims like a fish.

I am having trouble with my walking I can just manage town but going up Bridge St I have to rest also its an effort now when it used to be a pleasure. You wouldnt know Town Centre now  were Wood St used to be is now a Double decker arcade & they are building a Bus Station at the back upper Mounts they have spoiled the look of the old town. Do try to drop us a line round about every 2 weeks as we are apt to worry if it goes any longer. Mum has been down to Worthing for 10 days to Miss Armet an old spinster & she is off down there to another friend for a few days whilst Judith is away. as you know Judith & Tessa are meeting Allan at Los Angeles for a month leaving next week, so I shall have no one to fall out with. Your Aunt Polly is coming to stay with Cissie next W/E so we shall have plenty to talk over old times. Well there isnt much more I can think to tell you I have no doubt Mum keeps you informed. So Cheerio for now & look after yourself & dont forget word from you every fortnight at most & all the best for future