»  Letter: Friday, August 15, 1975

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
57, North Perkins Avenue
New York 10523

                August 15th. 1975

My dear son,

It was lovely to hear you when you rang on Sunday last, I knew it was you as soon as the phone rang. It is 5 weeks since we heard from you, I can't tell you what it means to get a letter from you, we watch the postman every day, and when he goes past I think never mind perhaps there'll be one tomorrow. We only want to know that you are O.K. I miss Judy and Tessa very much, and shall be so glad to see them back tomorrow. I only wish this old car of Judy's was in better nick, I would go and fetch them from Gatwick, it will be such a trail for them with luguage etc; and the time lag too. Judy has a driving test on Aug: 20th, I do hope she gets it this time, it will make such a difference to her getting to school and round about. I love driving the old car about, but I can't afford the petrol as I would like to at 74p per a gallon. Prices continue to rise at an alarming rate and we are all dreading the Winter. I must say though son we have had a glorious summer, weeks of really scorching sunshine, so much so that we have just lain about the garden, and at times even that has been too much. It's been too hot to go to bed, or to do anything. However, last night it stormed and has been much cooler today, I only hope it doesn't mean the end of the summer. I told you that the teachers have a 22½% rise, back dated to April, so Dad thinks Judy should have about £3,250 so she should be able to cope very well on that as she gets some tax concession as a one parent family. She's got a nice little house, in a lovely spot, right opposite Billing Aquadrome, with a good sized garden, she's really thrilled with it. She has the phone in, and needs carpets now, then she will be well away. I only hope this trip hasn't unsettled Tessa. She misses her Daddy very much, and I can see trouble ahead with Judy's men friends. I suppose I'm old fashioned son, but I do wish her moral outlook was different she seems to get involved with such odd characters, who do more taking than giving. I don't like to hear her using what I consider filthy words in front of little Tess, it disgusts me, and I'm afraid I row with her over it. I can imagine you laughing your head off John, but try to understand my point of view darling.

Iv'e put a bit of weight back on, it's very difficult to maintain, even on my still fairly low calorie diet, I now go 10½ stone so I've put nearly a stone back, still that isn't 14 stone, is it? I'm trying to decide whether to buy myself a new winter coat or not, I just hate parting with the money! I saw Mrs Coy today and she asked me to give you her love, and delighted to know you were doing so well, she is also having daughter trouble with Prissilla, I gather her boy friend is a layabout, and you know what Mr Coy is like, she says there's rows every day. I think Dick has two children now I forgot to ask after him. You know my darling we would dearly love to see you but as long as you are happy in your job and social life, you would find life very dull and frustrating here, there is a great deal of unemployment and redundances, so much dissatisfaction. It grieves me to see the country in such a state, and wondering what is going to be the outcome. Dad is for blowing up Parliament and all the opliticions and letting a crowd of good business men run the country! I suppose then there would be corruption amongst some of them. For all our troubles John we have much to be thankful for, so don't take all this waffling too heart love, we always seem to muddle through.

I am going over to Judy's house in the morning to dust round and put her some plants in, I've been over several times, and watered her lawn and plants it looks very nice, and I have been looking after the jerbil. I never thought I would get fond of a little rat, but he's most entertaining, I shall really miss him.

Do write and tell us how you fared with your exams knowing you I'm sure you'll get whatever you want love. I wish you could find a nice girl to marry to give you a home, but you seem content I only hope you are. I worry in case you are ill, I believe it costs the earth in America to be sick, do take care love and look after yourself. Try and save, John, the years fly by so quickly, it's nice to think one has a little nest egg behind one. Dad regrets now not taking out some insurance for old age. Your Grandmother used to say "Spend some, save some, and share some," though she never had much to do any of these things. Well my love this must be all for now, hope I haven't made too many mistakes, loving you as always

            Mother  X X X X