»  Letter: Monday, December 8, 1975

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Dec. 8th

My dear Son,

Xmas is round again & another year almost gone. Shall I see you in '76

We got your card from San. Fran.[1] & hope all went well. Did you go alone? I hope you have benefited from your break. There's little change here love, its cold but sunny & so far not too bad. All bills are paid now till after Xmas. I've given Judy money & have Tessa's Xmas things packed up. They will come home Xmas Day & we shall talk & think of you & remember past times. It is so depressing here, I think if it wasn't for children, most folks wouldn't celebrate Xmas. I expect you hear of the hijacks & bombings, murders & mayhem. Stamps are now 8½p. first class mail, buses & trains too expensive to travel on, even when they do appear, prices continue to rise & everywhere is discontent & depression. Unemployment is rife, but I think in the case of car-workers, they've brought it on themselves with strikes etc. Anyway love, have a happy time, take care & look after yourself. Dad wasn't well last week, but our Dr says other than "fair wear & tear" he's in good shape, so I think he feels better. Will write again soon & give you all the news. Loving, as always

        X X X X X X  Mother



  1. In November I had taken a two-week trip across the U.S.A. in my car, driving to the west coast and back.