»  Letter: Tuesday, December 9, 1975

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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                  62 Friars Av


Dear Son

I know its early to write for Xmas but in these times we both feel its best & we would rather it be to early than to late. I have no doubt Mum has told you all the news so it only leaves me with advice & I know you wont take much notice of that (I never at your age) but how I wish I had when it was to late. In my case I was pushed into the company of men when I was only a boy owing to the war & how times have changed. To get any experience of women we had a tough time. Mothers used to guard their vital parts that you needed a tin opener to get at it & if when you did get thorough you had gone off the boil. never mind those days have gone & you now live in an elightened times & good luck to you.

Well I hope by the time you get this you will have returned from your voyage of discovery[1] & realised what a big place U S A is  when I was in Australia in the early 1920s there were only 3,000,000 people there & 7/8 of them were in the big cities, in all West Australia there was only 40,000 so when you left the town you could travel miles to the next house & I think, in a lesser degree its so over there. Well we are all geared up for Xmas  Judith & her ladyship are coming to keep us company.

We shall be thinking about you & we hope you will have a nice time & think about us. I dont think we will have a white Xmas. I hope not anyway  So Cheerio for now & all the best  the card says all that we feel.



Best Wishes For Xmas & prosperity For New Years

        Dad    X



  1. In November I had taken a two-week trip across the U.S.A. in my car, driving to the west coast and back.