»  Letter: Sunday, December 28, 1975

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
14, Legion Drive[1]
New York 10595.

December 28th

My dear son,

it was great to talk to you on Xmas Day, but I always feel it wasn't quite real afterwards. Well, it's over once more & we are about to enter another year. I hope it will bring you all you wish & deserve my love. We had a nice Xmas with Judy & Tess, & Jean & Bernard Isherwood joined us on Boxing Day, & we had a very pleasant evening. I've had Tess for the week-end & Judy fetched her back today. She is a joy to us, we have lovely times together.

Now darling I'm really serious about this. I long to see you & have made up my mind to come in 1976. Please tell me the most convenient time for you? can you find me a bed? I can amuse myself during the day & wouldn't be any nuiscance to you.! I really would love to see some of U.S.A. Let me know in good time love as I have to renew my passport & get a visa. Some flights have to be booked months before & at least 60 days before. Judy suggested last 2 weeks in June & first two weeks July, or next Autumn. What do you think darling  Do let me know soon. I was talking to Peter Starmers Aunt & her daughter has been here for 2 months. She's married to an American & lives in Minneapolis. She's been unable to get back in time for Xmas, despite visits & phone calls to the American Embassy, something about her "papers"  She was in Australia for 12 years & her passport is in her maiden name. Her husband is furious but she is still waiting to go. Dad's worried if you come, whether you'd have the same problem. Much as we long to see you, we don't want you to have any trouble like this.

Did I tell you that that "ivory tower" you sent me from Hong-Kong is on sale here at £73  Wow! I ought to put it in a glass case!! Oh! Dad bought me a new "Teasmade"  The one you & Enid bought me has conked out, though I'm sure it's worth having repaired. Weather is not too bad here yet, its quite mild today. I got a rise in my hospital pension this month to £556 a year, but we lose so much off our rent rebate, still mustn't grumble, we are better off than many old people, indeed & many younger ones today with so much unemployment. Well my love do write soon & tell me what you think. Take care, don't work so hard! & once again a very happy & successful New Year.

        Loving you as always

                Mother  X X

        Dad os writing to you. Love from Judy & Tess. Hope you get the "Times" Crossword Book.    X X X



  1. Sometime in late November or early December I had moved from Elmsford to Valhalla, where Jay Bodo and I shared a house for the next year and a half.