»  Letter: Monday, January 26, 1976

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
14, Legion Drive
New York 10595

Jan 26th

My dear Son,

thought it time I wrote to you, so, while Dad snoozes here goes. It's trying to snow & bitterly cold, we've also had quite frightening gales with much damage round about & trees down. We are having a smaller gas fire fitted today, it might save a bit, though we rarely need this one on full. Auntie Cis has night storage heaters & her bill is nearly £70 that's not having them full on. Our electricity bill was nearly £30, & going up again in April. I don't know how old folks with no second pension manage or even young folks with little children. We go from bad to worse. Never mind my love.

I've booked my flight from June 18th to July 18th. I hope that's O.K by you. & your friend if I'm to stay with you. I'll "work" for my keep & am so excited at the thoughts of seeing you. I've paid £37 deposit & am insured against sickness, accident, theft, loss of luggage etc. Have to pay £107 by March 18th no problem though. Have my new passport which lasts 10 yrs & now have to get a visa. I'm told I don't need vaccination. Judy says she's dying for me to go & come back to tell her all about it.

They've been very upset this last week. A little girl of 10 from Judy's school was cruelly & brutally murdered last week. She was beaten, skull fractured, sexually assaulted & her little body half burned. Her parents found her in an old shed at the bottom of the garden. This was in Balfour Road. She was crossing the garden to go to a tea party. Tess was scared to go to bed so I had her here most of last week. They've got the fellow, someone from Wooton. Judy was really depressed, she said it makes her feel that Tess is at a vulnerable age & she's scared to let her out of her sight. She's such a friendly little soul & so innocent of any evil at this age. Judy would go mad if anything happened to her, so should we.

Well, my darling, I will keep you posted, I know the flight is on a Friday, but there'll be details later. It is a Jetsave flight from Heathrow & Judy says she'll take me to the Airport. I hope you feel better for your wonderful trip, I read it over & over. I still think you work too hard. Do take care, see you soon.

                Love you,


        Did you make the steak & kidney pie, I think I'll bring a cook book with me & make you both some old favourties!!