»  Letter: Friday, February 13, 1976

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
14, Legion Drive
New York 10595


My dear Son,

thank you for your long awaited letter & news. We are happy to know your new living arrangements[1] are satisfactory. I promise to bring some recipes with me that don't include corn-beef hash.[2]  Of course, we eagerly await the masterpiece, don't let us down, eh! I have sent off for my visa today. Can't wait, am longing for June.

I've only just got up, 11.30 am, lazy bitch, I did get up earlier, but there's a howling gale & bitterly cold, I went back to my electric blanket. We've had snow & bitterly cold winds, & you know how draughty this house is  Flu is rampant, Judy & Tess have both been very poorly this week. I stayed Wednesday night but its half-term next week, so it will give them time to recover. Do far Dad & I have kept very well, so this is nothing to worry about. Prices continue to rise, & potatoes are as much as 18p a pound. I found one in the road yesterday, on my way to my club & made a bit of fun offering to auction it off. I can live without them, but can remember when they were 5 lbs for 2½d.!! Ah! well, past is past.

About the hospital visit dear, I should like some gen on Nurse Training methods, care of the elderly & would like to see an accident unit, as this was my specialty during the war & later at N'hants General Hospital. If you can get me an adress I will write myself to the Superintendant or whoever they call the person in charge.

I'm trying to pluck up courage to go to the shops. we are sitting by the fire watching the GOG. Let me know if theres anything in particular you'd like me to bring. I shall travel light. I'm really excited about it. All here send regards, Jean Isherwood, etc. Look after yourself & take care. By the way love, are you still an illegal immigrant, Dad does worry about it, he's quite convinced you'll be "shot at dawn." I wish you'd give your sister a ring, she gets a bit depressed I think. Its 23 - 3796 & is a Weston Favell exchange. I think I told you my flight is on Friday, June 18th, but of course shall let you know when time etc.

        Love you


X X X  Might go to see "Earthquake" next week.



  1. I had moved into the house on Legion Drive with Jay Bodo a few weeks before.
  2. Neither Jay nor I were enthusiastic about cooking, so we ate a lot of canned corned beef hash — Broadcast brand.