»  Letter: Wednesday, March 31, 1976

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
14, Legion Drive
New York 10595

March 31st 1974

My darling son,

I'm sitting at my desk in your bedroom catching up on some correspondence, a bitterly cold wind raging outside & a lovely smell of casserole wafting up the stairs.!! Wish you were here to share it. Well, my love, since you rang, let me see what's happened. Judy was notified 2 weeks ago she's now divorced. Its very sad when a child is concerned, but Tessa seems quite resigned to it now. She is a dear little girl & really loves Allan. It has grieved me very much to see her hurt so. I wept for her when she said "Nana, I've lost two things I love, my Daddy & my ginger pussy cat." — which went out one night & never returned. Anyway, Judy has a fellow name of Phil, a Londoner quite nice looking, also divorced, but no children, wife left him I think 2 yrs ago. He is a motor mechanic, & seems very hard working. Judy says he's done more for her than Allan ever did. He's good in the house, adores Judy & seems genuinely fond of Tess & she of him. Judy thinks they'll marry eventually. His folks keep a pub in Marlborough & he told me he's a family man. I only hope she will settle down this time. I really can't stand the worry & the grief she has caused me so many times. She came for tea on my birthday, but as we didn't know what time you would be ringing, she couldn't wait, but she wishes you would ring her. Its Weston Favell Exchange, & No 23-3796.

It was lovely to hear your dear voice, & I do hope your cold is better. I'm counting the weeks, only 11 now. I made a mistake about the dollars, for £100 I should get $200, its $1.9---- to the £1 here at the moment. Send me 1 or 2 Hospital adresses love […] Consul told me any Hospital would […] delighted to show me round. [… …] The garden looks a picture, […] the Spring flowers & shrubs are out […] I've started weeding. We have to grow some spuds etc, they are now 18p. per lb. Last Friday I lost my lovely coral necklace & one of my sheepskin gloves & an elderly woman reversed into Judy's car in the car park & did a lot of damage to it. She was naturally furious!! Dad is mad at her for having this chap living with her but I go along with anything, as long as she & Tess are happy. Jean Isherwood sends her love, Mrs Bryce, Auntie Cis, Janet next door, all send regards. Everyone is delighted I am going to see you. I go to Judy's quite often, she fetches me & she or Phil bring me back. You know how intolerant Dad is, but he'll come round eventually. You know you are always in my thoughts love, take care & write soon. Do you have a shower or bath or both.? Shall I bring a swim-suit? Once more my love, take care, always "My lovely boy"

        Love you


              X X X

Dad is fine but aging fast, sleeps a great deal through the day, sits & watches T.V. — drives me mad.!!