»  Letter: Wednesday, June 30, 1976

    J.R. Derbyshire to E.A. Derbyshire

[This is the only surviving letter from my father to my mother.]

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
14 Legion Drive
New York 10595

62 Friars Av   30/7/76[1]

Hello Sweetheart

Received your welcome letter to day & was glad to hear you are having a good time & enjoying yourself & it has been worthwhile. needless to say I miss you, but if you are happy & enjoying yourself that is all the repayment I want because you were due for a break & I am happy because you are. I hope it will continue during your stay. I think you will agree with me it was worth putting up with me, to have a son like John. give him my love. I should think everyone does like him  its not every day they see one like him. Well ever since you left we have been in the temperture of 95% to 100% the hottest I remember for a long time. I've had my walk to town every morning & been back home 9-30 strip off & on the swing  I felt a bit queasy once or twice, with the heat so I kept in the shade & read a book & I feel quite well now  I have not been eating much only my all whaeat & cheese or cold meat & I never feel hungry. I still wake up after a doze in my chair look round for you & its a few seconds before I realise you are away (Getting old)  everything is going on as usual  several people ask me if I have heard from you  I am wondering if you will ever come down to our level again after all this. I havent heard a word from Judith not that it bothers me but I miss my hug & kiss off Tessa  I bet she is wondering in her mind what is going on  never mind she has her turn to come. It cant be true, the old saying, whatever you sow you will reap because she[2] would never last that long. nor would I for that matter. Its a good job you can shower 2-3 times a day  I hate to think how much of our water is being evaperated by this heat, I wouldnd be surprised if we arn't on ration all winter. You are being spoilt people giving you lifts but if you live there they know you must be OK

so you OK his girl friends, dont you go & marry him off just when he is enjoying life  I think he has a soft spot for anyone who comes from China. It sounds as if you have had good tour round  You need a car to visit those places & to keep moving  You have Sunday 4 July coming up  were do you intend going then, there will be so much going on it will be a job to choose but I have no doubt it will be interesting. I bet you never thought you would have been invited to a ball game & at the New York Stadium one of the best in USA  all these late nights & good living will make all your clothes a bit tight. What does John & his girls think of the Derbyshire clothes all exclusive  you want to have a Sale when you leave because they will never see the like again

I was wondering how you would get to & from your hospital visits  it is very good of her[3]  to because its difficult to get round without a car & expensive being so far out. It must be handy the shops being open so late, but lets face it we are years behind  they would'nt put up with what we put up with. I am trying to watch the Tennis on T/V whilst writing this letter so cross outs & errors blame them. I have to make some excuse. Ciss rung up yesterday to see if I was OK I had'nt called for 3 days. I called this morning of course but I must have gone before the Postman called so I will drop through the letter Box in the morning

They say USA prices are not much different than UK for food stuf but where you are is bound to be top price. Well dont worry about me I am OK & happy because you are having a good time. move over next time he will have 2 of us to contend with. There is an East Wind blowing but its like a hot wind blowing over the desert & the forecast is for at least another 3 or 4 days of this weather  I shall end up a grease spot

Well this is all for now  there isnt much news  things go on the same old way. I see spuds are now down to 8p. lb so we are getting back to normal. Common Market say we have to put the price of a Pint of milk to 10p a bottle.

        So Cheerio for now

            lots of love to Both of you

                         Dad  X X X
                  X X X X



  1. This plainly, from the contents of the letter (and less plainly from the postmark) should be "30/6/76."
  2. Judith.
  3. Mary Silla, I think.