»  Letter: Tuesday, July 20, 1976

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
14, Legion Drive
New York 10595

Tues. 20th

My darling son,

well, here I am after an uneventful journey. Judy, Phil & a very excited Tess met me, Tess carrying a coat hanger!! she'd made for me & a card she'd painted "To welcome my sweet Nanna home." It's going to take me a while to settle down again to our dull life, after so much excitement & affection. Thank you darling, for a very happy 4 weeks, than you for our wonderful visit to Washington, all the money you spent on me, the love, the laughs, the food, your friends, especially Jay & Mary, Tom & Ginny & all the others who made me welcome, but most of all your dear self. I was so happy to be with you & do the small things I could. I think of you every minute, you'll never know how much I love you & so proud of you. Thank you most of all for being "you." I wish I had wealth to give you son, I can only give you love. Let us know if you get this job in Iran,[1]  I know you will choose well whatever. Everything in the garden is dead for want of rain, the grass is burnt off, no flowers, all my plants I put in all gone. It will take me ages to tidy it all up, but will keep me too busy to get miserable. I was so sad to leave you, alone, with no one to look after you. I'm very tired, so am going to bath & bed i/c "Showgun".[2]  I can't find the cards I bought in Washington, did I leave them behind? Dad was pleased to see me back — I think!! — & everyone wants to know "all about it". Give my love to dear Jay & Mary & please send me Mary's address, I'd like to keep in touch, she was so kind to me. Remember me to "everyone" & again thanks for everything. Keep well & be happy, my love, you deserve the best. From my heart,

        All my love,


        X X X X

        I miss you so much.  X X

        Love to Pussy-cat!!



  1. While my mother was staying with me in Valhalla I got a letter from an old friend, an American I'd known in Hong Kong in 1971-3, who had moved to Iran and praised the job opportunities there. I was looking into the situation. Just as well I didn't follow through …
  2. She means James Clavell's novel Shogun, which was a bestseller at the time.