»  Letter: Thursday, September 9, 1976

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue


John Derbyshire
14 Legion Drive
New York 10595

62 Friars Av  9/9/76

Dear John,

We are waiting for your letter or Phone Call, in fact I am running a book on when we shall next hear from you & are wondering if you are keep fit has backfired on you (only kidding)  I was the same at your age so I have experienced both sides.

I went to see about Boswell, last volume of. I saw Mrs Billingham who can hardly get about, & she said her son, who runs the shop, was on holiday & could I come back in about 2 weeks, as that was about the time Tom & Family were calling & I could send it back with him, but of course whn I went she said they had'nt found it yet, but she promised me if it was'nt found she would see I got the volume so I left it at that. The 2 weeks have gone by so I called again this morning & saw the Son & told him what his mother had promised me & the same old story. I asked him to give me a dead line as to when I could call & either collect the missing Book or do as his mother promised get another. He said he couldnt say when he would find it. I said are you sure it was there to be found & he replied, he would not have bought it with a volume missing which sounds fair enough & mentioned he had just got another issue which was larger & more expensive than yours & he would swop them for the ones you have, thinking I had them here  so I told him, if, when I called again & he had'nt found the missing volume I would buy the ones he had just acquired. So we will have to wait & see when I call in 2 weeks time  sorry about it

I think Tom & Family enjoyed themselves over here & I gave him the watch to give you. it still goes, I wound it up just before Tom called & it went O.K. There is a press down button on the rim which isn't working that is for stopping the watch when used as a stop watch & the long sweep indictor indicates the seconds or 10th of seconds on to rim of the face & when you want to move the fingers just lift up gently the winding knob & turn.

Well I am glad I have got all that off my chest. Just now I am on my own  Mum has gone to the over 65 club, held in the school by Aunty Cissie's, which is held every Thursday with outing in between. Yesterday they left here at 9-45 am & went to Luton to some club & in the winter they go to Shows in different towns. They are a gay lot these old ones. I have no doubt you have read about the drought. its very serious, springs are drying up & fish in the rivers are dying for lack of oxygen owing to the shortage of water, & a lot of the canals are closed. There are standpipes in the streets of a lot of towns  other towns cut water off for 14-15 hrs every night  our turn comes in Oct. 16. we could have been without water here but some one thought out a scheme to reverse the flow of the river ouse in Leicester, where there is a big reservoir for this area but we dont know how long it will last & if there is'nt heavy rain & snow this winter, we are in the shit, so keep your fingers crossed & make room for 2 lodgers. life was never like this years ago  We used to get water out of a well which never failed  no flush W.C.s no washing machines etc   I am afraid we have been taking it all for granted, turn the tap & there you are.

Well I have no doubt Mum keeps you up to date with the local news. Judith's wedding, she came down last night to show us the photos taken  all very nice  I hope, for her sake all turns out OK. Its little Tessa I think about she is just at an impressionable age & naturaly think that is the usual thing. Allan came over with his new wife & took Tessa over to Berlin & borrowed his Dad's car & the 3 of them toured Europe for 2 weeks, & he wants her to be put on the plane to Los Angles next year & he will meet her there for summer hols nex year. She (Tessa) gets more beautiful every day & she is life to Mum & Me, & she loves to get here.

We have had 2 days or rather one night & one days rain so things are looking up. I read in the paper you had a heat wave. We had 9 weeks touching 90% every & no rain  it was lovely & now we have to pay for it as all vegetables, spuds & greens are burnt up so I dont know how we shall fare this winter. Spuds are 1/3 lb  fruit sky high in price so what it will be is anyones guess  Everything goes up every year between 12½ to 40% so when it does stop raising in two years time goodness knows how much things will be so take my advise & stay put as there is no future here for at least next 6 yrs, & remember what I have always told you stay single without she has a hefty bank balance. The trouble when you are married & the newness has worn off you will feel let down. the thing you married for is there whether you want it or not & believe me that would try the patience of an angel & dont swallow all that love stuff  in my day we used to pay lip service to it but you are more enlightened now days

Well I hope I have not bored you with my moans & news  So keep your chin up  perhaps the future is better than now  all my future is behind me so it does'nt matter.

Well I am pleased to say we are keeping fit eating & walking & sleeping well  hope you are the same


        look after yourself         X X X X

        we are O.K.