»  Letter: Monday, September 27, 1976

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
14, Legion Drive
New York 10595

Sept.  27th

My darling Son.

Well, at last! You are a devil. The daily disappointment when no letter arrives makes me very miserable. I don't write in case our letters cross & every day I think "perhaps we'll get a letter tomorrow," however just to hear you, all is forgiven.

Once again the garden is blooming. we've had so much rain!! Tell Tom the grass has grown & is a beautiful lush green, when they were here it was a burnt dried up waste. I think they enjoyed their brief visit, it was certainly good to see them. Judy's wedding was fine, will send you some photos when I take my film in. Tess had a party on Saturday, I sent her a card from you, she seems very happy, even Dad is now prepared to apologize to Phillip for his attitude, so I hope everything will go along fine now. They will be getting a larger house soon. I told you I gave a talk at my club on my American visit it went down very well. I got quite carried away.!!

Cis & Fred have gone to Malta for 2 weeks. I think of you every minute & our wonderful time together, I loved looking after you a bit & wish you had a more congenial place to live, or rather a different apartment, easier to look after. I had a sweet letter from Mary last week, give her my love & tell her I will write to her again soon, & dear Jay. She told me you had a sweet & lovely new girl friend, it was nice to say Hello! to her. Keep me posted!! I am very busy sewing, knitting, visiting, etc. preparing Xmas presents for our new baby.[1]  I wish I could send you something really special for Xmas, but the postage is so ridiculous by air. Have you any suggestions dear? Jean Isherwood sends her love, I walked up yesterday morning, she had been on holiday in Kent & brought me apples & pears etc. She is very good to me. Did I tell you little Annie Littlehales had died, I'm waiting to hear from Mu, I think they are expecting a small fortune!!

The card came today, thank you dear, 34 yrs,[2]  incredible.!! Well, we are getting old now son, time seems to fly by, I feel I've done so little when I wanted to do so much, but we have you & Judy & Tess. Enjoy yourself while you are young love, but try & have a little something put by, eh! It's a beautiful day, I've washed & had a clean round, shall walk to the post now. Please write darling & tell us all about every thing, it really does brighten our lives. Did you like the watch? Dad was so proud to pass it on to you. We have plum & apple pie for dessert — with cream. oh! the calories. All for now darling. Love to Louise & everyone & your dear self, As always

        Your devoted

                Mother   X

        X X X X



  1. Marcus, due in January.
  2. September 26th was my parents' wedding anniversary. I generally sent them a card.