»  Letter: Monday, November 15, 1976

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
14, Legion Drive
New York 10595

Nov. 15th.

My darling Son,

well, we'd given up hope of ever hearing from you again, we've only had one letter since I came back, but I can't be mad at you for long, I think so much of our happy time together.

Well, we're fine, the weather is grey, wet & cold & we are all moaning like hell at the continual rise in rent, gas, electricity, food etc., petrol is now 85p a gallon, our phone bill today £16, used to be £3. Rent which was 19/-!! now £10 — & so on. Dad sits here & could run the country much better!! Judy is fine, is now on maternity leave & waiting to move into a larger house. Tess seems quite happy. She sent you a letter recently, I hope you'll write her a little note back, she really loves you, we talk about you a lot. Xmas of course approaches rapidly. Judy wants us to go there for dinner, but whether Dad will or not remains to be seen.

I'm knitting you an Arran sweater, but you won't get it for Xmas I'm afraid love. I've made several rag dolls & sold them but have to give up now, my eyesight not so good. Any love life is better than none dear, as long as both are happy together, but Dad seems to think you'll be "eaten alive." I think you know best. I hope Jay & Mary will be very happy, I have written to Mary & also to Tom & Ginny. They have £106-97p to pay on their china when the order is complete. I hope you find a nice apartment love & just "take it easy."

Dad was really pleased to hear all about the watch, he was very proud to be passing it on to you, it must be at lease 100 years old. We don't seem to have much else to give you. I am going to Mu's on the 25th on to see Auntie Win on the 30th & back home again on the 1st of December. We talk about you all the time & especially at this time thinking of Xmas's past, but will write again before then of course. Jean Isherwood sends her love, she is the best friend one could have & is so good to me in many ways. It is very cold & we are huddled over the fire at 3 pm. & I'm just going over to post this. Please John do write, I get really depressed when the weeks go by & no news, we don't move far this weather. Take care darling, regards to Louise,

        Loving you, as always,

        X X X X X X  Mother