»  Letter: Tuesday, November 30, 1976

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Dear John,

Many thanks for your card & cheque received today 30/11/76. Mum is away for a week expect her back tomorrow. She has spent 3 days with Mim & is now at Stourbridge with Whin. I shall have to get some Brandy to bring her round after she sees your cheque. It will form a nucellus to start the visit John Fund 1977. She's like the squirrel & his nuts (I am only kidding) but has it happens she got a letter from Mary this morning asking her to get over next August to be at her wedding were you will be usher & she is going to drop hints to you, so what chance do you stand, but dont let Mary know that you know. anyway I hope you have a good time & realise there is one born every second, of course if it has a dowry say $1,000,000 it nice to be caught (are'nt I terrible)

I see you have fallen again. What makes you think its love. ask yourself, could you lie in bed without having a go, then its sex & it will wear off & you will wonder what you saw in her & I speak from my experience at your age, & that is not hear say. I only wish I had the advice, at your age, that I am giving you. I was lucky to meet your mother there is'nt any more left her now, so its useless to look for one  I often wonder what she saw in me, she should have had someone worthy of her & you will never know how much you owe to her so always look after. You know an old song says "I can get another sweetheart any time but never another Mother"  Difference in age tells when to years pass & if she is older than he it shows, & everything points to the world not lasting the generation after yours. You see I have seen the world shrink from a Big thing to a small thing, from a place of open spaces to urban growth, & I doubt if it will last another 100 yrs.

I am glad you like the watch. It is one of the first type of spring action watches, they used to be chain driven. I had a gold chain but sold it during the war as they went out of fasion in world war I when the wrist watch came in fashion. I carried it (the chain) in my suitcase all over the world, & I was afraid of losing it or getting it pinched. I've got a gold medalion to go with a gold chain when you get it. its a medal my dad won at bowling in 1908. If Mum comes over next year she can bring it. its engraved on the back (Captains medal R Derbyshire). then you will have the set.

Mum gets worried when she does'nt hear from you & when you dont give he the answers to her questions so keep her happy & write oftener. I know how it is I was the same only it took 2 months for my letters to get home so you are lucky. Well thats your lot for this time & I ramble on dont I  you will have to sort out the gems. So all the best for Xmas & Good luck for the New Year


        Mum will be bring you up to date with local news


          & Happy New Year For 1976

        All The Best