»  Letter: Sunday, December 5, 1976

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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December. 5th

My dear son,

Thank you for card & cheque, we are very thrilled. I have given Dad £30 as he wants a new drill & he has bought some drinks for Xmas. I gave Judy £10 to get a handbag & some Brut kit for Phil. & I shall get Tess a book, she so loves reading. I might get some boots & I want to take Jean out for a meal. The rest I've put into Building Society. It is so good of you.

It is very cold, with thick hoar frost, but lovely sunshine. I walked to Hardingstone through the Spinney this morning, really beautiful. I had a long week-end with Mu & Fred, & went to school with Mu.[1]  The little children haunt me, struggling to make sounds, their faces contorted with the effort. I was really touched. I won a 2 lb box of chocs, — fatal.!!

Next week, I shall make a Xmas cake & get in some Xmas fare  I help Jean with the patients' Xmas dinners & am invited to the Xmas Eve Party at the hospital. We have a dinner at my club on the 16th & a party on the 23rd. If you ring darling make it Xmas late evening — (at home) or Xmas Eve or Boxing Day as we hope to be at Judy's for Xmas dinner — I think Dad will go.!! I had a sweet letter from Mary, which I am answering now & an invitation to the wedding. We are bursting with love & pride darling at your awards, so well deserved we know. Bless you.!!

I'm glad you will be having a nice family kind of Xmas with Louise & child, how old is he? I know you will be nice to him, life can be very puzzling to children. Tess seems very happy now & we are looking forward to our new grandchild, though Tess needs constant reassurance I shall love her most. I will let Mary know about tapestry. Actually, I seem to remember tiny dolls' house mats, with instructions to make in that shop in White Plains, but don't let Mary worry about it. I will explain to her. I'm going to be honest darling & say whether I come or not depends on you, where you live etc., if you are still there & yours — (and mine) financial affairs. I shall never forget our lovely time together & don't wish to make any further demands. You know I love you dearly, but would never intrude. Be happy. have a lovely Xmas, be sure you will be in our thoughts as you always are. Thank you again love for your thoughtfulness, we are very lucky folks. With love & to Louise, Bianca & all I met.

                Your devoted

        X X X X X  Mother  X



  1. Muriel taught at a school for deaf children.